Alex Jovanovich

Cary Leibowitz

Cary Leibowitz talks about his work, his retrospective, and Fran Drescher

March 2017

There’s a ceramic piece by Cary Leibowitz from 1993 that reads: FUCKED UP HOMO BAR-MITZVAH GAY BOY WORRIES TOO MUCH ABOUT WHAT HIS MOTHER WILL WEAR. “Museum Show,” which runs through June 25, 2017, at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San … READ ON


Band of Outsiders

The 25th Outsider Art Fair

January 2017 NEW YORK

DESPERATE TO LOCATE SOME SHRED OF LIGHT, grace, or decency at the beginning of our new Dark Age, I lumbered downtown to see the Outsider Art Fair the Saturday before last—as my blessed sisters were marching, raging—at the Metropolitan Pavilion… READ ON


Joyce Pensato

Joyce Pensato talks about art, life, and Mickey Mouse

January 2017

Homer, Kenny, Donald, Mickey: Joyce Pensato’s painterly masticating of these American cartoon icons—distilled in black-and-white enamel—have been seducing audiences for decades. One of her earliest Mickey Mouse paintings will be featured in… READ ON


“Securing the Shadow: Posthumous Portraiture in America”

American Folk Art Museum

December 2016

“Secure the shadow, ere the substance fades.” The carving of character by light, as the early camera was thought to do, and as this advertising slogan for photographers of the 1800s suggests, was especially trenchant for those who wanted to… READ ON


McDermott and McGough

Peter McGough talks about his new exhibition and temple to Oscar Wilde

September 2016

“I’ve seen the future, and I’m not going,” says David McDermott, Peter McGough’s creative partner and fellow time-traveler for over thirty years. McDermott and McGough’s queer reimaginings of the past—from eighteenth-century America to the … READ ON


Lauretta Vinciarelli


August 2016

Light can be terribly cruel. Excessive amounts can damage eyes and burn skin. Think of José Saramago’s Blindness (1995), a story about a bright-white sightlessness that inexplicably afflicts an entire city, causing violence and horror. Or … READ ON


“The Keeper”

New Museum

July 2016

Grandpa, kids, the rich, serial murderers: Everybody collects! Freud said it has something to do with toilet training—that losing one’s shit, quite literally, can be a traumatizing experience, and collecting is a way of cauterizing that … READ ON


Remember the Alamo

Alex Jovanovich on Pee-wee’s Big Holiday

March 2016

SO IT APPEARS THAT The Archies have become “dark.” Due to a big brand revamp a few years ago, Riverdale’s now overrun with murder, zombies, witchcraft, and a fine powdering of incest. Who knew? It’s making Archie Comic Publications, Inc. a … READ ON


Isaac Mizrahi

Isaac Mizrahi talks about his retrospective at the Jewish Museum

March 2016

During Hollywood’s early days, actors didn’t just act—they also sang, danced, and played instruments. These people were, in the truest sense of the word, entertainers. The designer Isaac Mizrahi is similar—an old-school charmer who’d never … READ ON


Sui Genesis

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge’s retrospective at the Rubin Museum

March 2016 NEW YORK

IF YOU’RE OLD ENOUGH, you’ll remember the term “urban primitive,” a pejorative (I always thought) coined during the late 1980s or early ’90s for the tatted, pierced, and dyed set who, through these various cosmetic alterations to their bodies,… READ ON