Alex Waterman

Robert Ashley (1930–2014)

Alex Waterman on Robert Ashley (1930–2014)

May 2014

But among the friends it’s just like we are right next to each other all the time. I can hear everything. I can hear them singing. I can hear them telling their stories to get the stories right. You have to tell a story many times to get it… READ ON


Robert Ashley


April 2009

IN AN INTERVIEW LAST YEAR, composer Robert Ashley recalled a story about his Uncle Willard, who called the police one day to report a UFO in his living room. When the officers arrived, they asked him where the UFO was. He pointed toward a … READ ON

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Alex Waterman


December 2007

ALEX WATERMAN  1 Robert Ashley, Concrete, La MaMa E.T.C., New York This year’s appearance of Ashley’s autobiographical opera was a departure in more ways than one. The superb cast sang the stories of people from his past. Ashley’s work … READ ON

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