Alexander Nagel


Alexander Nagel on Reclaiming Art/Reshaping Democracy

November 2017

Reclaiming Art/Reshaping Democracy: The New Patrons & Participatory Art, edited by Estelle Zhong Mengual and Xavier Douroux. Paris: Les Presses du Réel, 2017. 432 pages. UPON ITS PUBLICATION in 2012, Nato Thompson’s exhibition catalogue Living… READ ON

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Xavier Douroux (1956–2017)

Alexander Nagel on Xavier Douroux (1956–2017)

August 2017

THE WORLD IS SUDDENLY POORER without Xavier Douroux, who recently succumbed to cancer at the age of sixty-one. A curator first of all, his engaged practice led him to also became a community organizer, a book publisher, a film producer, and… READ ON



October 2012

When, in 1968, Robert Smithson loaded the back of a station wagon with rocks from New Jersey and brought them across the Hudson to New York’s Dwan Gallery for one of his non-sites, he was performing a material relocation that would have been… READ ON

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Alexander Nagel

September 2010

BEFORE IT WAS a record-player needle, a stylus was a tool used to write or draw. We go from stylus to style when we shift from reading these marks in a drawing as symbols and begin looking at them seismically, as traces of an activity. But … READ ON

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January 2007

TINTORETTO was born in Venice in 1519, making him a member of the first generation to take for granted something that can be called an art world. People had started dropping the names of artists—like Raphael, or Michelangelo, or Dürer—who … READ ON

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