Ali Pechman


OCAT | Shangai

June 2014

This exhibition of video artwork by seventeen international artists takes the horizon line as its subject, using Jan Dibbets’s included filmic series of sea and sky, “Horizon – Sea,” 1971, as cue. Shanghai might be an ideal setting in which… READ ON


Plus Size

The opening of the Yuz Museum in Shanghai


It seemed that half of the art world in Hong Kong for Art Basel hightailed it to Shanghai for the opening of the Yuz Museum the weekend after the fair, but one important guest didn’t make it: “I AM ON MY WAY,” read the note on a printout of… READ ON


“Walls and Words”

Eldridge Street Museum

May 2014

Ten artworks that seek to decode language—by Tony Lewis, Kon Trubkovich, and Wallace Berman—now appear in the synagogue of the Eldridge Street Museum, one of the first American temples built by European Jews, in 1887 on the Lower East Side.… READ ON


Ellie Ga


April 2014

One of the four works in Ellie Ga’s potent exhibition relays the story of Thoth, an Egyptian deity credited with the invention of dice, math, and also language. Letterpressed on a small piece of paper is the king of Egypt’s response: WHAT … READ ON


Hiroshi Sugimoto

The J. Paul Getty Museum

April 2014

The thirty photographs in this show by Hiroshi Sugimoto fall into three categories: “Dioramas,” “Portraits,” and “Photogenic Drawings.” For the latter, a selection of eleven recent works, Sugimoto drew from William Henry Fox Talbot’s archives… READ ON


Michel Majerus

Matthew Marks Gallery | 522 W. 22nd Street

March 2014

The most recent presentation of the late Michel Majerus’s work takes over all three of Matthew Marks’s New York spaces. The smallest gallery presents his 1999 “Tron” series, in which monochrome wall paintings have been overlaid with identical… READ ON


Super Eight

The Armory Show’s China Symposium

March 2014 NEW YORK

IN CHINA, perhaps even more than elsewhere, art-world power is often evinced in terms of numbers: One thinks of the country’s $14 billion art market, upward of four hundred museums built a year. On a more symbolic register, one might consider… READ ON


Justin Lieberman

Martos Gallery

March 2014

Here’s what the frenetic pace of a price-tagged art world has wrought: Justin Lieberman’s “Squeezed Reliefs” recycle unsold­ sculptures tacked onto canvases, topped off with paint that recounts the artist’s financial ruin. The artist makes … READ ON


Sean Micka

Abrons Arts Center

February 2014

In this small show, titled “Condition Report: Deregulation,” Sean Micka’s dense, cerebral paintings depict complex changes in three landscapes: the Antarctic Ocean, the Amazon River Basin, and a Saudi Arabian desert. Micka based his work on… READ ON


“Between the Lines”

Tanya Bonakdar Gallery

January 2014

The most arresting tableau in “Between the Lines,” a group show devoted to text-based work of seventeen artists, sets Mark Dion’s installation Slide Spill, 2014, against Haim Steinbach’s wall text Hello. Again., 2013. In Dion’s piece, slides… READ ON