Allese Thomson

Jimmie Durham

Jimmie Durham discusses his work at the NBK in Berlin and the Venice Biennale

July 2015

Jimmie Durham is an American sculptor, essayist, and poet based in Europe, where he has lived since 1994. Durham spent most of the 1970s as a political organizer with the American Indian Movement, serving as director of the International … READ ON


Dirty Dancing

The 46th Art Basel and the 20th Liste

June 2015 BASEL

“IT’S IMPORTANT that people keep the world dirty,” said dealer Olivier Babin last Thursday as he scanned a dark dance floor covered in broken glass. Many were soaked in sweat. A group of men stripped off their shirts. Lean bodies pressed … READ ON


Maze Runner

The 4th Frieze New York

May 2015 NEW YORK

“THEY SUGGESTED CHAMPAGNE—and I said forget about it! So pedestrian, this isn’t Woolworths, you know.” Alex Katz is laughing big and talking about the opening party for his collaboration with Art Production Fund and Barneys, for which he … READ ON


Weekend Update

Gallery Weekend Berlin

May 2015 BERLIN

UPDATE FROM BERLIN: Klara Liden is still making punk art, developing a practice that began with smashing bicycles and evolved into architectural interventions. Laura Owens has incorporated text into her polite paintings—in the form of an … READ ON


“Margret: Chronicle of an Affair – May 1969 to December 1970”

White Columns

April 2015

How do you document an affair? Receipts, maps, menus, locks of hair, ticket stubs, empty contraception packages, fingernail clippings, letters explicitly recounting sexual positions, and photographs—hundreds and hundreds of photographs, which… READ ON


Danny McDonald

Maccarone Inc.

March 2015

Robert Stone once intuited that comedy amounts to “I was there”—an illustrative insight for Danny McDonald’s output. The American artist makes sculptures out of cartoonish characters—action figures; dolls from myths, fables, and movies; … READ ON


Calvin Marcus

January 2015

In 1684, a hall of mirrors was erected in Versailles as an immersive stage that would send countless reflections of a single expression into the world. If today the screen fulfills the function of the mirror, we’re left with a troubling … READ ON


Helmut Lang

Helmut Lang on his solo debut at Sperone Westwater

January 2015

Helmut Lang’s stealth apparel upended fashion, violating basic principles of design and reshaping the silhouette of the 1990s and early 2000s. In 2005, Lang retired from fashion entirely, retreating to his property on Long Island where for … READ ON


Takashi Murakami

Gagosian Gallery | 555 West 24th Street

January 2015

In his latest exhibition, Takashi Murakami turns from the shellacked consumerism that has marked his recent output toward psychologically conflicted (if still shellacked) terrain. He continues to luxuriate in the outlandish—golden lions made… READ ON


Tai Ogawa

Kai Matsumiya

December 2014

In a 2005 commencement address at Kenyon College, David Foster Wallace noted our present culture lends the “freedom to be lords of our own tiny skull-sized kingdoms,” which is also say, the liberty to be very alone. This is certainly the case… READ ON