Allison Young

Pieter Hugo

Yossi Milo Gallery

February 2017

The “born free” generation of South Africans—those born after the fall of apartheid in 1994—has recently come into the limelight as protest movements such as #FeesMustFall or #RhodesMustFall have swept university campuses and city streets. … READ ON


Meleko Mokgosi

Jack Shainman Gallery | West 20th Street, Jack Shainman Gallery | West 24th Street

September 2016

In two concurrent solo exhibitions at the gallery’s Twentieth and Twenty-Fourth Street spaces, Meleko Mokgosi presents the latest “chapters” in an ongoing series titled “Democratic Intuition,” 2014–. His monumental paintings give us African… READ ON


Dawit L. Petros

Tiwani Contemporary

June 2016

In many of Dawit L. Petros’s large-scale color photographs, fragmented or partially obscured figures stand in vast desert landscapes, flanked by swathes of sea, sand, and sky. The effect is enigmatic—like de Chirico’s abandoned city plazas—but… READ ON


Bosco Sodi


May 2016

The Japanese art of kintsugi—the treatment of cracked or broken pottery with gold lacquer—stems from a philosophical embrace of imperfection. Seams of precious metal trace the jagged fault lines of an object; gold can elevate, but does not … READ ON


Kim Gordon

Benaki Museum

July 2015

While the full title of Kim Gordon’s current solo exhibition—“Design Office: Noise Name Paintings and Sculptures of Rock Bands that are Broken Up”—makes direct allusion to the concept of noise, the show itself might just as easily be … READ ON


El Anatsui

Jack Shainman Gallery | Kinderhook

June 2015

The spacious, light-drenched galleries of the School in Kinderhook, New York, provide an ideal setting for El Anatsui’s current retrospective surveying his prolific fifty-year-long career. One senses an increasing self-reflexivity in his … READ ON


Wangechi Mutu

Victoria Miro Gallery | 16 Wharf Road

November 2014

Luscious pools of rose and cyan might lure viewers close to the surfaces of Wangechi Mutu’s latest collages, but once there, they would confront the gaping, fanged mouths and scaly skins of the figures inhabiting each piece. These works are… READ ON


“With Hidden Noise”

Wave Hill

June 2014

“With Hidden Noise,” a sound installation curated by artist Stephen Vitiello and organized by Independent Curators International, benefits greatly from its location just outside Manhattan, nestled in a quiet public garden in the Bronx. The … READ ON


Dinh Q. Lê


May 2014

Dinh Q. Lê’s latest exhibition is both formally elegant and critically incisive, probing how technology shapes perception of collective memory and global politics. In his four-channel video, WTC in Four Moments, 2014, still images of 9/11 … READ ON


Malick Sidibé

Jack Shainman Gallery | 524 West 24th Street

April 2014

Malick Sidibé’s current exhibition of photographs offers a glimpse into the dynamic youth culture that emerged in Bamako during Mali’s post-Independence era. Though trained as a studio photographer, Sidibé was lured into the city’s streets … READ ON