Alpesh Kantilal Patel

Frank Stella

Frank Stella discusses his show at the POLIN Museum in Warsaw

June 2016

Frank Stella’s assemblage series “Polish Village,” 1970–74, is making its debut in Europe as part of the exhibition “Frank Stella and Synagogues of Historic Poland,” on view through June 20, 2016, at the POLIN Museum in Warsaw. Here Stella … READ ON


On the Ground: Miami

November 2015

SOUTH FLORIDA has always been friendly to topless beachgoers. This past year, though, the city’s art museums gave new meaning to being topless in Miami. Four were without directors at some point: the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami (ICA… READ ON


Bik Van der Pol

Pérez Art Museum Miami

November 2015

Reports emerged in early 2015 that Florida government officials had unofficially banned state employees from using phrases such as “climate change” and “global warming” or words such as “sustainability” in their communications. Bik Van der … READ ON


“After Midnight: Indian Modernism to Contemporary India, 1947/1997”

Queens Museum

May 2015

As suggested in the exhibition’s title, “After Midnight: Indian Modernism to Contemporary India, 1947/1997” launches a conversation between two discrete time periods. Curated by Dr. Arshiya Lokhandwala, the presentation begins with paintings… READ ON


Lyle Ashton Harris

Lyle Ashton Harris speaks about his current exhibition in Miami

May 2015

Lyle Ashton Harris’s current solo exhibition at Miami’s David Castillo Gallery features a series of unstaged pictures from his archive of Ektachrome slides from the past twenty-five years. As a curator, he recently cocurated—with Robert Storr… READ ON


Tameka Norris

Emerson Dorsch

March 2015

The centerpiece of Tameka Norris’s solo exhibition is the eighty-minute-film Meka Jean: How She Got Good, 2014. In it, Norris plays the eponymous character, an African American woman who hopes to become a singer and painter, against the … READ ON


Daniel Arsham

Locust Projects

January 2015

For his latest site-specific installation, Daniel Arsham dug a large, circular trench in this gallery’s floor and filled it with nearly three thousand sculptures. The majority are made from molds of outmoded devices found on eBay, such as … READ ON


Josh Faught

Lisa Cooley

December 2014

For his latest show, Josh Faught has produced a multivalent range of woven and crocheted work. Handwoven hemp has been dyed to match the hues of the past year’s fashion and then adorned with glitter, sequin trim, gold lamé, and bedazzled … READ ON


Adler Guerrier

Pérez Art Museum Miami

October 2014

In 1968, Amiri Baraka’s harsh sentencing for purportedly inciting civil unrest in Newark, New Jersey, was symptomatic of the racial discrimination that led to the riots. He was guilty of “formulating a plot”—the judge’s words that inspired … READ ON


Antonia Wright

Spinello Projects

June 2014

This survey of Miami-based Antonia Wright’s recent work includes a dozen videos; however, the body is the true medium she explores and pushes to the limit. For instance, Wright forces her own eye to register the sensation of touch in creating… READ ON