Amanda Parmer

“Counter Forms”

Andrea Rosen Gallery

November 2013

Curated by Elena Filipovic, “Counter Forms” brings together works by Tetsumi Kudo, Alina Szapocznikow, Paul Thek, and Hannah Wilke from the 1960s to the 1980s that present bodily traces as decorative and domestic, casting the human body as … READ ON


“Material Girls: Contemporary Black Women Artists”

Spelman College Museum of Fine Art

October 2012

Maren Hassinger’s Love, 2005–12, in the far corner of the gallery, displays inflated hot pink plastic shopping bags gathered in the shape of an obtuse triangle rising up to the ceiling. It is impossible to see Love and not think of the … READ ON


Julika Rudelius

Leo Koenig Inc. | 541 West 23rd

August 2012

Set in a private lounge with a country club aesthetic, Julika Rudelius’s Rites of Passage, 2008—one of two video installations on view in her current solo exhibition—pairs young Ivy League men with wizened male politicians. While the older … READ ON


Evelyne Axell

Broadway 1602

July 2012

Under the tutelage of René Magritte and the influence of Pauline Boty, Belgian-born protofeminist Evelyne Axell produced a body of work that bound together her unconventional artistic education with her newfound investment in the women’s … READ ON