Ana Finel Honigman

Otto Dix and David Nicholson

Galerie Michael Haas

December 2015

The drawings and prints by Otto Dix and David Nicholson displayed in this exhibition were produced almost a century apart. But in many ways, the worlds they portray have more similarities than differences. Paired together here are their … READ ON


Alona Rodeh


September 2015

For her solo show “Safe and Sound (Evolutions),” Alona Rodeh explores the irony that assaultive artificial light and reflective clothing are assets both in club culture and in a more municipal context, such as the uniforms and equipment of … READ ON


Donna Huanca and Przemek Pyszczek

Peres Projects

July 2015

Donna Huanca and Przemek Pyszczek both use a saccharine palette to demonstrate the hollowness of individuals’ and institutions’ attempts at masking bleak social realities with superficial glamour and artificial cheer. Just as candy and … READ ON


Amir Fattal

Anna Jill Lüpertz Gallery

June 2015

Amir Fattal’s exhibition “Mesopotopography” deals with moments when art becomes the catalyst for or victim of cultural conflict. Through an animated video; a fabric tapestry; a series of untitled prints made from an industrial dust known as… READ ON


Violet Dennison and Peppi Bottrop

Open Forum

December 2014

Clustered in the gallery’s elegant, domestic exhibition space, Violet Dennison’s cement and office equipment sculptures resemble a group of stir-crazy white-collar workers as imagined by Eugène Ionesco. Like Surrealists’ plays, Dennison’s … READ ON


Peter Wilde

Lehr Zeitgenössische Kunst

July 2014

For “Following G,” painter Peter Wilde constructs a portrait of a young Berliner based on photographs from her Facebook profile. In the tradition of such pioneers of Photorealism as Robert Bechtle and Charles Bell, Wilde generates conceptual… READ ON


Dorothy Iannone

Berlinische Galerie

April 2014

Like her contemporaries Niki de Saint Phalle and Pauline Boty, Dorothy Iannone uses ecstatic color and patchwork forms to express female sexuality. But the multitude of paintings, drawings, books, sound installations, and wood sculptures made… READ ON


Sameer Reddy

Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit

March 2014

With “Tabernacle: A Metamorphic Healing Module,” Sameer Reddy invites visitors to suspend their disbelief and try, just try, his playful form of personal healing. Exhibited in a gallery adjacent to the museum’s James Lee Byars retrospective,… READ ON


Neil Ayling

Berloni Gallery

February 2014

For his first solo exhibition at this gallery, Neil Ayling presents two related bodies of work. The sculptures are not explicitly displayed as two distinctive projects, but they can be divided by subject matter—half the show is site-specific… READ ON


“Body Language”

Saatchi Gallery

February 2014

Like language itself, the bodies in the Saatchi Gallery survey of contemporary figurative art contain ambiguities and multiple meanings that elude easy definition. The bodies painted by Henry Taylor, for instance, are as tough and rough as … READ ON