Ana Finel Honigman

“Rethinking Location”

May 2010

Where—as opposed to why, what, how, or even who—is usually the easiest fact to establish when constructing a narrative, which makes the challenge that the twelve artists in “Rethinking Location” take on so impressive. As they strive to … READ ON


Marc Brandenburg

April 2010

“Bonkers” is a deceptive title for Marc Brandenburg’s latest exhibition. The Berlin-based artist’s meticulous graphite drawings of gurgling foundations, morbid imagery, and rock stars (including a stunning portrayal of Michael Jackson) might… READ ON


Bruce LaBruce

March 2010

Francois Sagat, the star of Bruce LaBruce’s latest film and a series of monochromatic silk-screened portraits in his exhibition “LA ZOMBIE: The film that would not die,” has a gladiator physique and tattooed scalp that on first glance seem … READ ON


Leyla Gediz

February 2010

A massive plaster sculpture that depicts a balled-up gym sock is all that can be seen at the entrance to “Subject: Free,” Leyla Gediz’s exhibition of installations, graphite drawings, oil paintings, and epoxy sculptures. The sock that Gediz… READ ON


John Isaacs

February 2010

The centerpiece of “Tears Welling Up Inside,” British artist John Isaacs’s darkly witty solo exhibition, is titled It is for you that I this (hippy scalp), 2009. Here, a delicate Victorian-looking wood and glass vitrine at the entrance of … READ ON


Manuel Graf

February 2010

What is work? Today’s art world isn’t good at drawing a clear line between professional, social, and personal activities or interchanges. In “Buchtipp 2,” Manuel Graf’s deceptively casual installation for his third solo exhibition at this … READ ON


Thomas Baldischwyler

November 2009

Visions of social upheaval and cultural touchstones are painted with a rosy, muted palette in Thomas Baldischwyler’s solo exhibition. Over a series of collaged images culled mainly from vintage mass-market news publications, Baldischwyler … READ ON


Alicja Kwade

October 2009

Three works summon a powerful sense of the uncanny in Alicja Kwade’s latest exhibition, “Border Cases of Fundamental Theories.” The Polish-born, Berlin-based artist’s pair of installations and video share a Minimalist appearance, and together… READ ON


Hito Steyerl

September 2009

Hito Steyerl’s first solo exhibition at a German institution features After the Crash, 2009, a seven-minute film shown on a loop alongside eight well-matched recent works by the Berlin-based artist. Included is Lovely Andrea, 2007, Steyerl’s… READ ON


Building Character

The closing of the Building

September 2009 BERLIN

“I AM SAD and sentimental tonight,” Julieta Aranda said at the start of the two-night Irish wake a fortnight ago for the Building, the multiuse space that the Mexican-born artist established with Anton Vidokle and Magdalena Magiera. “I was … READ ON