Andrew Durbin

Get Me to the Church on Time

The Poetry Project's 50th anniversary gala

May 2017 NEW YORK

FOR FIFTY YEARS, the Poetry Project—long housed at Saint Mark’s Church in the East Village—has, as Allen Ginsberg put it, “burned like red hot coal in New York’s snow.” In more prosaic terms, it has been one of the epicenters of American … READ ON


κρίσις Management

Franco “Bifo” Berardi and “the Destruction of Europe”

February 2017 ATHENS

ATHENS WAS COLD, the coldest it has been in some thirty years—so cold, in fact, that it recently snowed. Without the blush of warm air, the city’s usual statement piece—the Acropolis, high on its hill—had assumed the gelid, distant role of … READ ON


Pride and Prejudice

The 20th São Paulo LGBTQ parade

June 2016 SÃO PAULO

“LAST NIGHT I DREAMED OF NOTHING: Pure black. And a voiceover: the voice of Marilyn Monroe.” So begins a letter written by the Cyprus-born artist Christodoulos Panayiotou to the Italian curator Milovan Farronato, director and curator of the… READ ON


Poets’ Problems

A dinner celebrating the inaugural Material Award

October 2015 NEW YORK

LAST WEEK, the great alliance between poets and artists held strong. On Monday, Wayne Koestenbaum launched his latest collection, The Pink Trance Notebooks, at the Kitchen. Set against a pink, black, and gold net stretched along the back of… READ ON


Sink or Swim

The 56th Venice Biennale

May 2015 VENICE

VENICE IS, OF COURSE, SINKING. In some places, it’s collapsing. Like early last week when the bridge leading to the Prada Foundation buckled, taking down roughly seven wealthy-looking art-goers with it. Photo after photo of the soaked soigné… READ ON


Ethical Slut

February 2015

CONTESSA STUTO, the Brooklyn-based rapper and founder of the Cunt Mafia, released her new single “Killing in Vain” within twenty-four hours of the release of New York cultural ambassador Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space,” two odes to messy love.… READ ON


Foul Language

The 13th Art Basel Miami Beach

December 2014 MIAMI BEACH

“THIS IS A PLACE where I bet you thought you could escape me,” Miley Cyrus shouted to her audience at Jeffrey Deitch’s Wednesday night party at the Raleigh. She lit up a joint and passed it around the crowd.  “Well, I’m here.”  Forty-five … READ ON


Nights at the Museum

A Hood By Air party at the Museum of Modern Art

November 2014 NEW YORK

“TWINKS AND THOTS,” Jacolby Satterwhite observed of at least half the crowd at Hood By Air’s Thursday night invasion of the Museum of Modern Art. “But I love it.” It was the eve of Halloween, and near us, the musician Ian Isiah was performing… READ ON


K8 Hardy

Higher Pictures

October 2014

Opening after a mostly boring New York Fashion Week, K8 Hardy’s “Fashionfashion, 2002–2006” continues the artist’s ongoing fashion revanche with four large-scale zines, each blown up from originals the artist produced in the 2000s. Consisting… READ ON


Sadie Benning

Callicoon Fine Arts | 49 Delancey Street

October 2014

While Edward Snowden’s disclosures of the scope of global surveillance have been met with every imaginable response, the least common seems to have been humor. In Sadie Benning’s “Patterns,” images of that peeping police state—metadata, found… READ ON