Andrew Hultkrans

Scum Manifesto

Andrew Hultkrans on Scum

June 2017

SCUM (1979), A CONTROVERSIAL, bare-knuckled UK prison drama directed by Alan Clarke, is set in a “borstal”—somewhere between a reform school and a juvenile detention center—populated by the type of irredeemable, heavily accented delinquents… READ ON


Fig Leaves

Andrew Hultkrans on Terry Zwigoff

May 2017

AMONG THE NEARLY EXTINCT COMMUNITY of classic jazz purists, my uncle was relatively well known. Working under John Hammond at Columbia Records in the early 1960s, he produced the seminal reissue LP King of the Delta Blues (1961), a compilation… READ ON


Leaks and Geeks

Andrew Hultkrans on Laura Poitras’s Risk

May 2017

“INFORMATION WANTS TO BE FREE.” This cyberpunk maxim, originally uttered by Whole Earth Catalog publisher Stewart Brand in conversation with Apple’s Steve Wozniak at the 1984 Hackers Conference, rarely comes up in discussions of the character… READ ON


Here Comes the Judge

Ian Svenonius at the Whitney Biennial

April 2017 NEW YORK

“THERE’S NOTHING THEY WON’T DO to raise the standard of BOREDOM.” When I was living in San Francisco during the 1990s, this sentence caught my eye as I passed a flyer stapled to a telephone pole. Printed on yellow paper, the flyer contained… READ ON


Fake It till You Make It

Fake news

April 2017 NEW YORK

DURING SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE’S initial 1970s run, Dan Aykroyd starred in a skit parodying newspaper entrepreneur Charles Foster Kane of Citizen Kane (1941), a thinly veiled speculative biopic about real-life newspaper magnate William Randolph… READ ON


That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore

Andrew Hultkrans on the 20th anniversary of Beavis and Butt-Head Do America

December 2016

SPOILER ALERT: At the end of Beavis and Butt-Head Do America (1996), Mike Judge’s animated film featuring the unholy fools he unleashed via MTV in 1993, President Bill Clinton invites the titular boys into the Oval Office, makes them honorary… READ ON


Stone’s Throw

Andrew Hultkrans on Oliver Stone’s Snowden

September 2016

FEW DIRECTORS ARE AS POLARIZING as Oliver Stone. The three-time Oscar winner has been characterized as everything from the bravest living American filmmaker to a muddled rent-a-rad, always first in line to stump for the latest lefty cause du… READ ON


Faulty Tower

Andrew Hultkrans on High-Rise

May 2016

AS REAL ESTATE BECOMES A LIVING NIGHTMARE in cities like London, New York, and San Francisco, it seems a good time to revisit novelist J. G. Ballard’s fictional nightmare of real estate, High-Rise, recently made into a film by British director… READ ON


Apples and Oranges

Laura Poitras at the Whitney and Apple v. the FBI

February 2016 NEW YORK

ONE OF THE PERILS of political art is that it stays still as politics, trumpeted by the daily news, marches on. Laura Poitras, the Pulitzer- and Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker whose “9/11 Trilogy” culminated in CITIZENFOUR (2014), a … READ ON


Hack the Planet

“Images of Surveillance” at the Goethe-Institut

December 2015

LEAVE IT TO THE COUNTRY that brought us the Gestapo and STASI to teach the Land of the Free about the perils of surveillance. Unlike the British, who have inexplicably embraced CCTV and other snooping technologies despite having produced … READ ON