Andrew Schenker

Body Double

Andrew Schenker on To Die Like a Man

April 2011

JOÃO PEDRO RODRIGUES’S brilliant To Die Like a Man effortlessly shuttles between nose-to-the-ground melodrama and airy fantasy, embracing both the ethereal and the cruelly physical. The film’s central dichotomy is between body and soul, a … READ ON


Domestic Disturbance

Andrew Schenker on The Housemaid

January 2011

IM SANG-SOO’S THE HOUSEMAID, a remake of Kim Ki-young’s 1960 classic of the same title, begins with a narrative and aesthetic tease. In a masterful opening sequence set on a busy urban street, Im’s handheld camera roams freely among the town’s… READ ON


Park Life

Andrew Schenker on Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench

November 2010

IN GUY AND MADELINE ON A PARK BENCH (2010), director Damien Chazelle draws on the visual language of direct cinema, an elliptical narrative, and a series of musical numbers to tell the story of a jazz trumpeter and a young woman as they seek… READ ON


Rain or Shine

Andrew Schenker on Let It Rain

June 2010

IN LET IT RAIN, a pair of clueless, bumbling documentary filmmakers worry over the tiny details of their framings: whether a fern in the background gives a halo to the subject, whether a poppy pinned to another subject’s dress is “overdoing”… READ ON


Trust Issues

Andrew Schenker on The Oath

March 2010

THERE’S NO OPPORTUNITY for the viewer to position himself comfortably in The Oath. Like many of the best documentaries, Laura Poitras’s film places the audience in an ambiguous and untenable relationship with the movie’s subjects, particularly… READ ON


Prophet Margin

Andrew Schenker on A Prophet

February 2010

IT’S NOT HARD TO SEE WHY A Prophet has inspired such an outpouring of critical enthusiasm. In this hot-blooded prison drama, director Jacques Audiard builds scenes of queasy intensity and then fits them into a skillfully concocted, near-epic… READ ON


Minor Miracle

Andrew Schenker on Lourdes

February 2010

AS BEFITS A FILM both set in and titled after a city where five million hopeful pilgrims journey every year, Jessica Hausner’s Lourdes revolves around an act that seemingly partakes of the miraculous. When Christine (Sylvie Testud)—a young … READ ON


Counting Sheep

Andrew Schenker on Sweetgrass

January 2010

A FILM OF SUBTLE SHIFTS and slowly dawning disclosures, Sweetgrass documents with dispassionate rigor the two-hundred-mile journey undertaken by a group of sheepherders across Montana’s Absaroka-Beartooth mountains. Eschewing narration, … READ ON