Angela Stief

Renate Bertlmann

Vertikale Galerie, Sammlung Verbund

April 2016

In 1978, Renate Bertlmann, wearing a mask and veil, had herself pushed in a wheelchair around the Österreichischer Kunstverein. Extremely pregnant, she continued the endurance piece until she eventually gave birth and simply left her newborn… READ ON


Hans Schabus

Kerstin Engholm Gallery

May 2015

Among Austrian artists, Hans Schabus is the master builder of the guild. Now, in his current exhibition, “Autopsy with Forklift,” he has placed a large object in the gallery that, from the outside, evokes a DIY aesthetic—one similar to his … READ ON


Milan Grygar

Prague City Gallery

February 2015

The hands and legs of a seated performer burst through a wall of white paper, while a board balanced on his lap bore various utensils. Invisible to his view, his hands applied black paint to the paper’s surface within a constrained range of… READ ON


Thomas Zipp

Galerie Krinzinger, Galerie Krinzinger

December 2014

Resusci Anne, also known as Rescue Anne, is an emergency test subject. The Norwegian toy maker Asmund Laerdal, Norwegian anesthesiologist Bjorn Lind, and the Austrian-Czech physician Peter Safar developed the resuscitation doll in 1960. Now,… READ ON


Hermann J. Painitz

Zeit Kunst Niederösterreich | Museum of Lower Austria

July 2014

The extensive and extraordinary oeuvre of Hermann J. Painitz, which has hardly received attention in the past few decades, now shines remarkably in the Austrian province of St. Pölten. Since the 1960s, Painitz has been known for examining … READ ON


Siggi Hofer

Galerie Meyer Kainer

July 2014

The sculptures, drawings, and paintings on view in this exhibition by the south Tyrolean artist Siggi Hofer were produced in 2013 and ’14. They also feel brand new—fresh and lively, sparking any curious mind. They refer to key aspects of … READ ON


Lili Reynaud-Dewar

Galerie Emanuel Layr

April 2014

For the duration of her solo exhibition in Vienna, “Live Through That?!,” Lili Reynaud-Dewar presents herself naked and dancing in a silent looped video (all works 2014) that shares the title of the show—as do the rest of the works on view—and… READ ON


Franz Sedlacek

Wien Museum | Karlsplatz

March 2014

Large, bright windows and dim inner spaces, landscapes plunged in melodramatic light alternating between idyll and dystopia, isolated protagonists with grotesque features, and bleak images that anticipate the catastrophic political developments… READ ON