Anna Wallace-Thompson

Timo Nasseri

Timo Nasseri talks about his show in Tehran

November 2017

Over the past decade, the Berlin-based artist Timo Nasseri has drawn on a diverse array of mathematical and philosophical influences in his work. His current exhibition at Ab-Anbar in Tehran, “I Saw a Broken Labyrinth,” runs until November … READ ON


Mahmoud Bakhshi

Narrative Projects

February 2017

Mahmoud Bakhshi’s installation The Unity of Time and Place, 2017, is chilling and timely, reminding us of how history ineluctably repeats itself. The show pivots around two key moments in Iranian history: the coup d’état of 1953 (orchestrated… READ ON


“Revolt of the Sage”

BlainSouthern | Hanover Square

December 2016

We live in interesting times—something Giorgio de Chirico signaled to us long ago when he painted Revolt of the Sage, 1916. In this exhibition, that painting’s metaphysical interior is explored through the works of sixteen artists who probe… READ ON


“The Infinite Mix”

Hayward Gallery

October 2016

You’re adrift on a sea of sound. Long, sinuous strands of seaweed curl around you, drawing you in. “The Infinite Mix,” comprising ten moving-image works, is a heady temporal—rather than spatial—audiovisual experience. Martin Creed’s uplifting… READ ON


“A Selection of Chinese Works”

Fondation Louis Vuitton

August 2016

They say size isn’t everything, but this foundation’s latest rehang, showcasing contemporary Chinese highlights from their collection, puts spectacle at the fore. Don’t believe me? Just check out Xu Zhen’s nearly twenty-foot-high … READ ON


Eva and Franco Mattes

Carroll / Fletcher

July 2016

Who watches the watchers? It’s an interesting question in the context of Brooklyn-based Italian duo Eva & Franco Mattes’s investigation into the seedier side of the Internet. Their current exhibition takes on the darknet, the so-called Wild… READ ON


“Global/Local 1960-2015: Six Artists from Iran”

Grey Art Gallery

March 2016

Curator Lynn Gumpert has dug into the Grey Art Gallery’s thousand-work-strong collection of Iranian art, and she deftly unpicks, then obliterates, the constraints so often present in the fraught categorization of most non-Western art. It is… READ ON


Daria Martin

Maureen Paley

February 2016

There’s a striking sense of simplicity to Daria Martin’s second show here. At The Threshold, 2015, which premiered at the Istanbul Biennial, is the second installment of a film trilogy—the follow up to the artist’s Sensorium Tests, 2012. … READ ON


Shezad Dawood

Pioneer Works

October 2015

London-based Shezad Dawood’s first solo exhibition in the US pivots on his latest film, the titular It was a time that was a time. Commissioned by Pioneer Works, the collaborative experiment was filmed in New York on devices that might have… READ ON