Anne Prentnieks

Inka Essenhigh

Frist Center for the Visual Arts

September 2016

Filled with fantastical paintings that becloud the currents between humankind and the natural world, this survey of Inka Essenhigh’s work unveils the artist’s gentle progression from flat, graphic works—evocative of Japanese woodcuts and … READ ON


Billy Al Bengston

Andrew Kreps Gallery, Franklin Parrasch Gallery

June 2016

Two concurrent exhibitions focus on the work of Billy Al Bengston in the decades following the 1966 close of Los Angeles’s epochal Ferus Gallery. Bengston’s idiosyncratic practice, influenced by the West Coast’s surf and high-gloss car … READ ON


Shara Hughes

Marlborough Chelsea

February 2016

Shara Hughes’s imagination yields rich, weird stuff. In earlier works, sundry abstract and natural forms are pushed through open-ended narratives within vibrant domestic spaces. In these dozen or so newer paintings, her psyche decides to peer… READ ON


Rudolf Stingel

Gagosian Gallery | Park & 75

December 2015

Like a messianic magician unveiling his tricks, Rudolf Stingel unmasks shadowy illusions with pragmatic showmanship in works that appear to be one thing (spatial, metallic, liquid, carpet) but in fact are quite another (flat, matte, solid, … READ ON


Joseph Kosuth

Sean Kelly Gallery

November 2015

Prone to immersive installations over the course of his influential career as a pioneer of Conceptualism, Joseph Kosuth presents more than forty of his text- and light-based works from the past fifty years in the jam-packed exhibition “Agnosia,… READ ON


Deana Lawson

The Art Institute of Chicago

November 2015

Deana Lawson's candid portraits are, like one's identity, at times crafted or found, but regardless are a composite of history and politics (of, in no particular order, geography, gender, and race). Her current show at the Art Institute of … READ ON


Dana Schutz

Petzel Gallery | 456 West 18th Street

September 2015

A broadly accepted metonym for claustrophobia and unwanted social confrontation, the elevator receives top billing in Dana Schutz’s new series, “Fight in an Elevator,” 2015 (a title to which one could aptly add “and Variations on a Theme”).… READ ON


Jack Pierson

Cheim & Read

August 2015

The island is a premier existential metaphor, and the works in “onthisisland,” Jack Pierson’s exhibition of some sixty-plus ephemeral oil and watercolor paintings, graphite drawings, and driftwood assemblages, offer new and fluid insight into… READ ON


Peter Doig

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

July 2015

Deceptively immaterial yet richly layered, thirty of Peter Doig’s wall-size paintings, along with dozens of prints and studies, open like portals into other dimensions—temporal, physical, metaphysical. Arranged neither thematically nor … READ ON


Ane Hjort Guttu

Bergen Kunsthall

July 2015

The title of Norwegian artist Ane Hjort Guttu’s exhibition of five film and installation works, “Eating or Opening a Window or Just Walking Dully Along,” refers to a line in W. H. Auden’s poem “Musée des Beaux Arts” describing artists’ … READ ON