Annette Michelson

On the Eve of the Future


March 2017

MIT PRESS has just published On the Eve of the Future, a collection of essays on film written by scholar Annette Michelson over the course of three decades. Art historian Rachel Churner, the editor of the volume, spoke with Michelson to … READ ON

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March 2002

Pauline Kael, the New Yorker’s film critic from 1968 until 1991 (save for a brief hiatus in 1978, when she took a short-lived job at a Hollywood studio), died on September 3, 2001. With all of the predictable eulogizing behind us, we asked … READ ON

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Yvonne Rainer, Part Two: “Lives of Performers”

February 1974

The immediate consequence of Yvonne Rainer’s Indian voyage was Grand Union Dreams, performed in the very large and featureless gymnasium space of the Emmanuel Midtown YMHA in May, 1971. It seemed then and seems still her most problematic … READ ON

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Yvonne Rainer, Part One: The Dancer and the Dance

January 1974

There are, in the contemporary renewal of performance modes, two basic and diverging impulses which shape and animate its major innovations. The first, grounded in the idealist extensions of a Christian past, is mythopoeic in its aspiration,… READ ON

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Screen/Surface: The Politics of Illusionism

September 1972

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