Annie Buckley

Marina Kappos

December 2008

Perhaps it’s true that there are no new stories to tell—or ways to tell them—but certainly, innumerable combinations of the familiar still exist. In an ambitious new body of work, Los Angeles–based artist Marina Kappos blends references to … READ ON


Peter Sudar

November 2008

There’s something comforting about Peter Sudar’s intimate paintings, as if by resurrecting the best of the art-historical past, he has made room for quiet contemplation in its comparatively raucous present. Each of the eight small works in … READ ON


Diana Thater

October 2008

Once the arena of renegade anti-object, anticonsumerist artists, the medium of video has become more common in contemporary art over the past decade, aided not least by the increasing accessibility—both technically and financially—of camcorders,… READ ON


Tanya Batura

September 2008

In recent years, Tanya Batura has demonstrated a compelling penchant for eroticizing clay and updating Neoclassical sculpture. Batura’s glossy white heads sport monstrous red mouths and swollen tongues, sensuous cheeks and rolling chins, and… READ ON


Movie Mogul

Annie Buckley on Driving Men

August 2008

FREUD IS AN unlikely touchstone for a feminist film—unless the doctor appears in costume as a punching bag—but Susan Mogul takes such incongruities in stride. The video artist and filmmaker’s new feature-length work, Driving Men, teeters … READ ON


Margarita Cabrera

July 2008

As contemporary art’s definition of “the global” continues to widen, a cadre of artists is drawing on cultural heritage to explore the broader implications of internationalism, among them Bharti Kher, Kaoru Katayama, and Yoko Inoue. Similarly,… READ ON


Jasper de Beijer

July 2008

In the weeks after 9/11, Slavoj Žižek wrote a stunningly clear-eyed analysis of the catastrophe and related global circumstances. The third version of the essay, “Welcome to the Desert of the Real,” opens with a reference to Alain Badiou’s … READ ON


Nicolau Vergueiro

June 2008

Using the exhibition title as a cue, the mixed-media works in Nicolau Vergueiro’s “Introducing Salomé” suggest the infamous young heroine’s seven veils, each cast aside over the course of her mythic seduction of the fated King Herod. But the… READ ON


Soo Kim

May 2008

Soo Kim’s third solo exhibition at this gallery consists of multiple portraits of one young woman interspersed with photographs of light-drenched nature scenes. The woman in the portraits leans forward, as if resting or falling asleep, one … READ ON


“Make Art/Stop AIDS”

April 2008

In 1992, David Wojnarowicz went to the desert, covered his face and body in sand, and asked a friend to photograph him. Published one year later, after Wojnarowicz’s untimely death, the image is a poignant meditation on man’s relationship to… READ ON