April Elizabeth Lamm

Barbara Bloom

Capitain Petzel

December 2016

In Barbara Bloom’s “The Weather,” eight monochrome hand-tufted carpets in a mood-ring palette that shifts from black to pale gray, green, and blue all hover slightly above the ground at different levels. Though each is peppered with a pattern… READ ON


Mike Nelson


October 2016

At first, the objects in the eight vitrines on view in Mike Nelson’s current exhibition appear to be souvenirs from an unsellable intervention—titled Space That Saw (Platform for a Performance in Two Parts)—that took place in 2012 in a derelict… READ ON




March 2016

Much has been made of Guy Debord’s 1967 text Society of the Spectacle, but few works of art successfully grasp the progress of an image’s historical state of being into the present. Susanne Pfeffer’s quietly titled exhibition “Images” fills… READ ON


Happily Ever After

Douglas Gordon and Tobias Rehberger in Ibiza

August 2015 IBIZA

IT BEGAN with a lesbian descending the staircase. Fortunately, or not, he wasn’t nude.  Douglas Gordon was only the first of a multitude of “lesbians” we’d encounter that sultry eve on boom-boom Balearic Ibiza. The man recently infamous for… READ ON


The Twilight Zone

Doug Aitken at the Schirn Kunsthalle


THE PAY PHONE. Hardly is the word on paper and I cannot help checking to make sure that it is not one word, instead of two. It looks wrong. It’s so old, it feels brand new.  There are two Doug Aitken pay phones in Europe right now and there… READ ON


Exquisite Corps

Tobias Rehberger at Milan's Fondazione Prada

April 2007 MILAN

Standing alone on Thursday evening, barefoot in the garden grass, I was giving my bloody blisters a rest from their hot-pink instruments of torture when Berlin dealer Burkhard Riemschneider approached. I asked: “Who’s the blonde babe whom I… READ ON


Peter Piller

February 2007

For the first time, Peter Piller has made a detour onto the road more traveled by: He is exhibiting his own photographs, in fine constellations of pure poetry, along with the anonymous archival shots painstakingly organized into categories … READ ON


Andreas Slominski

January 2007

Devilishly delightful five-hundred-kilometer taxi rides are a dime a dozen in India. But taking a taxi from Hamburg to Frankfurt? Andreas Slominski did. Then he handed director Udo Kittelmann the bill. Even cheekier: With the cab parked at … READ ON


Wolfgang Winter and Berthold Hörbelt

January 2007

There are places in the world where “sightseeing” is largely in the mind of the beholder. Alexandria hosts several such “sights”: No ruins mark the city’s two great ancient, public spectacles, the library and the lighthouse. In inviting the… READ ON


Simon Starling

December 2006

In a milieu of quiet Conceptualism, of thoughtful works in spaces so silent that whispering is par for the course, Simon Starling’s latest show heralds a booming departure. A mind-twisting work titled after its fabricator, Wilhelm Noack oHG,… READ ON