Ara H. Merjian

“In Search of Time”

March 2013

With ribbed sides flaring like the gills of some steely fish, Zaha Hadid’s new building for the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum at Michigan State University does anything but rest on its Grand River Avenue plot. This importunate assembly of… READ ON

IN PRINT March 2013 [TOC]

Edmund Clark

Flowers | New York

December 2012

In Edmund Clark’s mixed-media evocation of imprisonment at Guantánamo Bay, a photograph of a sour green isolation unit sits flanked by a few different images. On the left wall, Camp IV–Mobile Force-Feeding Chair (all works 2009) speaks for … READ ON


David Humphrey

Fredericks & Freiser Gallery

December 2012

David Humphrey’s new set of acrylic canvases trade in broad, raw brushstrokes and neatly delineated figures. Nonrepresentational forms alternate with elliptically narrative imagery—an overturned truck, churlish youths, a voyeuristic peeper.… READ ON



The Studio Museum in Harlem

December 2012

Featuring work by twenty-nine different artists—many of them represented through multiple contributions—“Fore” continues in the vein of the Studio Museum’s previous group shows (the alliterative “Freestyle,” 2001, “Frequency,” 2005–2006, and… READ ON


Bernd and Hilla Becher

December 2012

The photographic enterprise of Bernd and Hilla Becher is by now as seemingly archetypal as the structures it documents. Recording, over several decades, a range of building “typologies” around the globe—from water towers to grain elevators—their… READ ON

IN PRINT December 2012 [TOC]

Domenico Gnoli

October 2012

Domenico Gnoli’s untimely death in 1970—just months after the widely anticipated show of his paintings at Sidney Janis Gallery in New York—cut short what had promised to be a prodigious career. This exhibition, a presentation of twenty-four… READ ON

IN PRINT October 2012 [TOC]

James Busby

Kravets Wehby Gallery

September 2012

James Busby’s working materials—from gesso on MDF and spray paint on polycast acrylic to ink on yupo paper and his recent panels made with oil, acrylic, and graphite—are as varied as his method is consistent: Over the past decade, he has been… READ ON


Fever Dreams

Ara H. Merjian on “Giallo Fever!” at Anthology Film Archives

September 2012

DERIVING FROM the late 1920s yellow (“giallo”) covers of the Mondadori publishers’ crime series, the giallo literary and cinematic phenomenon comprises what in English is rendered roughly as “crime drama,” and in French, the roman policier.… READ ON


Between Men

Ara H. Merjian on Keep the Lights On

September 2012

TRACING THE TURBULENT vicissitudes of a young New York couple over the arc of a decade, Keep the Lights On keeps the camera trained—almost unwaveringly—on the pair’s faces and physiognomies, arguments and intimacies, by turns steeped in … READ ON


La Tendenza: Italian Architectures, 1965–1985”

Centre Pompidou

August 2012

With 250 drawings, photographs, painting, maquettes, and photographs from one of the postwar period’s more influential architectural movements, “La Tendenza” foregrounds the prominence of visual imagery in architectural innovation in the … READ ON