Aram Moshayedi


The organizers of Zurich’s Hacienda talk about their project

September 2013

Hacienda is a new exhibition space located in Zurich’s Seefeld neighborhood. Co-organized by Arthur Fink, Fabian Marti, and Oskar Weiss, it follows in the vein of artist-run or “off” spaces that are a part of the city’s artistic scene. Taking… READ ON



Neil Doshi and Scott Barry discuss “Connections”

February 2013

Working under the moniker Women, designers Neil Doshi and Scott Barry are in the first phase of a five-year design initiative that sets out to inhabit a different location and set of working conditions each year. Currently underway in Yucca… READ ON


Abraham Cruzvillegas

February 2013

“How to generate a living sculpture nowadays?” Abraham Cruzvillegas asked in a notebook and online video that complemented his street-bound activities for Documenta 13. What about a sculpture without fixed form or shape? A definitely unfinished… READ ON

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“No Person May Carry a Fish into a Bar”

Blum & Poe

August 2012

Exploring intersections of art and crime, this extensive exhibition relays a set of sordid tales that underscore the fact that the activities of art are hardly ever devoid of ulterior motives. Cocurated by artists Julian Hoeber and Alix … READ ON


Amanda Ross-Ho

Amanda Ross-Ho talks about her show at the MoCA Pacific Design Center

June 2012

“TEENY TINY WOMAN” is the first solo museum exhibition in Los Angeles by Amanda Ross-Ho. On view at the MoCA Pacific Design Center from June 23 to September 23, this show finds Ross-Ho characteristically spanning the disciplines of sculpture,… READ ON


Edgardo Aragón

The Harriet & Charles Luckman Fine Arts Complex

May 2012

Despite art criticism’s rampant overuse of words such as traffic (or interrogate or investigate) to describe the seemingly nefarious “activities” of works, there is no better term to describe Edgardo Aragón’s recent videos that deal in the … READ ON



January 2012

JUST SHORT of its fourth anniversary as part of the eurozone, the Republic of Cyprus announced in the middle of last year that it was on the verge of becoming the next member state to seek a bailout from the European Union. At the time of my… READ ON

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Piero Golia

July 2011

With the location yet to be determined, Piero Golia announced in March of this year that it was time for his first show in Los Angeles. “I think [it] should be on June 23 . . . it is going to be paintings and sculptures,” he posted to Facebook,… READ ON


Barbara Kruger

Barbara Kruger talks about her latest exhibition

May 2011

Barbara Kruger’s latest solo exhibition is on view at L&M Arts, Los Angeles until July 9. Filling the interior and exterior of the gallery, the show includes recent installations, projections, and multichannel videos by the inimitable New … READ ON


William E. Jones

William E. Jones talks about his recent films

January 2011

William E. Jones is one of Los Angeles’s leading independent filmmakers; his films often circulate in the context of museum and gallery exhibitions. On February 2–5, the Österreichisches Filmmuseum in Vienna will host the first retrospective… READ ON