Aria Dean

Alex Da Corte

Art + Practice

July 2016

As you enter this space, your senses are bombarded by Alex Da Corte’s scrambled, saturated landscape. A supersized witch’s hat fills the first area, lit by green and red neon from above. This is flanked by a stained-glass window depicting a… READ ON


“No! I am No Singular Instrument”

Various Small Fires

June 2016

An eerily manipulated loop of Ariana Grande’s “One Last Time” emanates from a room just off the main gallery, where Hannah Quinlan and Rosie Hastings’s video, If These Fossils Could Talk They Would Tell You Who Got Fucked and Who Didn’t, … READ ON


Elif Erkan

Park View

May 2016

The quality of the light at Park View feels quintessentially LA—specifically, those neighborhoods that lie east, dusty and browner than the pastel palette famously used by David Hockney to render this town. Elif Erkan’s exhibition “ex oriente… READ ON