Ariana Reines

Reinventing the Lyre

December 2017

 The world’s full of children who grew up too fast  —Gil Scott-Heron, “A Sign of the Ages”  WITHIN A FEW HOURS OF HIS BIRTH, Hermes had already become a cattle thief, invented the lyre, & innovated the art of divine worship. “The alphabet, … READ ON


Ariana Reines’s video from “Pubic Space,” her exhibition with Oscar Tuazon

December 2017

Ariana Reines’s video from “Pubic Space,” her exhibition with Oscar Tuazon at Stuart Shave Modern Art, 2016.… READ ON


Life As We Know It

November 2017

I MOVED TO NEW YORK WHEN I WAS SEVENTEEN. During the first few years I lived in the city, men came up to me daily, and often many times daily, asking to take my picture. Even at the time I was certain this was not because they considered me… READ ON


Infernal Affairs

October 2017

God’s Justice! who could ever paraphrase the agonies and tortures that I saw? And why did I feel guilty as I gazed? —Dante Alighieri, Inferno, translated by Ciaran Carson (2002)  1. THE CHICKEN OR THE EGG  I’M AT AN artists’ colony editing … READ ON


Above and Beyond

September 2017

“EVERYTHING has a schedule if you can find out what it is.” —John Ashbery  On Labor Day, the sun in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces achieved perfect opposition. One way to translate this: The heart attempted austerity & sobriety under the crushing,… READ ON


Travel Logged

August 2017

I WAS IN Gloucester, Massachusetts in June, finishing a book in the house where T.S. Eliot spent his childhood summers. I hadn’t been particularly in the mood to worship the dean of modernism, but rereading Four Quartets, especially after … READ ON