Bean Gilsdorf

Sarah Lucas

Legion of Honor

August 2017

The second in an ongoing series of temporary projects at this museum, Sarah Lucas’s exhibition juxtaposes her recent work with sculptures by Auguste Rodin and paintings by canonical European artists from the seventeenth, eighteenth, and … READ ON


Jarosław Kozłowski

Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow (MOCAK)

January 2017

Over the span of a mere fifteen years, Jarosław Kozłowski developed a vast body of work that stands as a testimony to the vitality of his artistic production under adverse social and political conditions. This survey exhibition, which contains… READ ON


“The Travellers”

Zachęta National Gallery of Art

June 2016

With works by twenty-three artists from fifteen countries, “The Travellers” spans space, time, and media. Though its primary motifs may at first seem facile—postcards, trains, and islands all make repeated appearances—the subject matter is … READ ON


Slavs and Tatars


June 2016

In Poland, pickle juice is traditionally thought to be an effective hangover cure; and if the nation’s extreme right-wing PiS party seems drunk on their newly acquired power, then Slavs and Tatars’ playful symbology suggests a remedy for … READ ON


Quickscan NL #02

Nederlands Fotomuseum

April 2016

The second edition of the exhibition “Quickscan NL” brings together the work of sixteen photographers and one artist collective who reach beyond conventional strategies of image generation and presentation. Even the most traditional-looking… READ ON


Jens Fänge

Galerie Perrotin | Turenne

March 2016

Jens Fänge’s oneiric assemblages don’t let the eye rest. The sharp angles, distorted views, dazzling patterned floors, and saturated colors of his interior spaces create the sense that every element must be seen at the same time. The mind … READ ON


“Bread and Roses: Artists and the Class Divide”

Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw

March 2016

“Bread and Roses: Artists and the Class Divide” presents a spectrum of projects and practices that confront the economic paradoxes of the art world. In some works, the artists acknowledge their simultaneous membership in dominant and oppressed… READ ON


Anna Konik

Centre for Contemporary Art - Ujazdowski Castle

January 2016

Anna Konik’s work operates within the psychological states of the afflicted: Refugees, schizophrenics, the elderly, and the infirm are all subjects of her video installations. Konik interprets their stories through fragmented, multichannel … READ ON