Becky Huff Hunter

“Painters Sculpting/Sculptors Painting”

May 2017

 While critics frequently compare Dona Nelson to far more celebrated postwar painters, “Painters Sculpting/Sculptors Painting” instead placed her work in conversation with that of a diverse group of younger artists. Nadine … READ ON

IN PRINT May 2017 [TOC]

“Active Voice”


December 2016

Ulises is a collectively run art bookstore and exhibition space—modeled after venues such as Printed Matter and Dexter Sinister in New York—whose quarterly, essayistic presentations constellate works of art, publications, and public programs… READ ON


Jane Irish

September 2016

The title of Jane Irish’s most recent solo exhibition, “A Rapid Whirling on the Heel,” adapted a phrase from Edgar Allan Poe’s epic 1848 prose poem Eureka. Poe’s text unfurls a cosmology that anticipated the “big crunch” theory of an infinitely… READ ON

IN PRINT September 2016 [TOC]


Tiger Strikes Asteroid | Philadelphia

April 2016

In the essay accompanying this exhibition, curator Kelsey Halliday Johnson quotes Ian MacKaye, founder of the DIY label Dischord Records: “Playing music is like handwriting; if you play a song over and over, it starts to evolve.” “Repeater,”… READ ON


Louise Fishman

Louise Fishman discusses her life in art and two new exhibitions

March 2016

The artist Louise Fishman, primarily known for her large-scale abstract paintings, is the subject of two forthcoming exhibitions: “Louise Fishman: A Retrospective,” a fifty-year survey show at the Neuberger Museum of Art at SUNY Purchase, … READ ON


Jennifer Levonian and Sarah Gamble

Fleisher/Ollman Gallery

March 2016

Jennifer Levonian’s short, surreal cut-paper animation Xylophone, 2015, muses on the everyday clichés and complexities of gender, gentrification, and creative living in transitional urban spaces. Wryly referencing Philadelphia’s rapidly … READ ON


Patrick Maguire

University City Arts League

January 2016

In his latest exhibition, Patrick Maguire stages nine new, formally complex oil paintings on the walls of a carefully altered version of this gallery. A circular gray platform in the center of the room offers four arched wooden structures, … READ ON


Catherine Pancake

Vox Populi

December 2015

Midway through Catherine Pancake’s video on citizen surveillance of the natural-gas fracking industry, Bloodland (all works cited, 2015), a female voice-over quotes Hito Steyerl’s 2009 essay “In Defense of the Poor Image,” on the cultural … READ ON


Becky Suss

ICA - Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia

December 2015

In her 2011 memoir, Why Be Happy When You Can Be Normal?, Jeanette Winterson observed of the genre: “Part fact part fiction is what life is. And it is always a cover story.” The act of covering, then, in Winterson’s book and in Becky Suss’s… READ ON


Gabriel Martinez

The Print Center

November 2015

Gabriel Martinez’s elegiac exhibition “Bayside Revisited” invokes the historic potency of Fire Island, New York, as a gay fantasy space and safe haven. By integrating archival materials related to the community into new prints and an … READ ON