Ben Luke

Pae White

South London Gallery

May 2013

Pae White has accurately described South London Gallery’s light-filled central space as ethereal. In her latest site-specific installation, Too much night, again, 2013, the artist stretched thousands of red, black, and purple threads made of… READ ON


Asier Mendizabal

Raven Row

January 2012

Asier Mendizabal’s latest body of work investigates the capacity of signs to embody ideas. Though the Basque artist draws from a lexicon of political and social visual symbols, including flags, crests, and emblems, he does not attempt to … READ ON


Allora & Calzadilla

December 2011

Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla’s Returning a Sound, 2004, follows a motorbike-riding former activist around the Puerto Rican island of Vieques, a US bomb testing site for decades. A trumpet welded to his exhaust pipe blurts a … READ ON


Olga Chernysheva

July 2010

Realism in Russian art is inevitably mired in the turgid propaganda of socialist realism, the state-sanctioned art of the Soviet era. But though grounded in the Moscow Conceptualism developed in the 1970s and ’80s, Olga Chernysheva’s practice… READ ON


“Unto This Last”

June 2010

This exhibition takes its title from an impassioned essay by the great nineteenth-century art critic John Ruskin that considered the social effects of capitalism. Ruskin’s seminal text helped to spawn the Arts and Crafts movement in Britain,… READ ON


Donald Urquhart

September 2007

This exhibition—“a meditation on various feminine aspects,” as the artist puts it—takes its title from the B-52’s song “52 Girls.” The new-wave band energetically mythologized a bygone era, the 1960s. While Urquhart’s paintings and drawings… READ ON


Stuart Cumberland

September 2007

The champagne bottle is the dominant motif in Stuart Cumberland’s solo debut at this gallery. The form appears in most of the seven large paintings, which are billed as further explorations of Cumberland’s enduring theme of the painter as … READ ON


Anne Berning

August 2007

German artist Anne Berning’s Kunstbücher (A–Z) (Artbooks [A–Z]), 2004–2007, an installation comprising large paintings of the spines of mostly imaginary art monographs, is the central work in this, her Spanish solo debut. Arranged alphabetically,… READ ON


Arnulf Rainer

May 2007

Arnulf Rainer’s output across his long career has been dominated by the sometimes-violent overpainting of other images, from self-portrait photographs to reproductions of Renaissance masterpieces. This exhibition gives a concise overview of… READ ON


“BES Revelation Award”

December 2006

Set in the atmospheric Art Deco house on the grounds of the Serralves Museum, this exhibition features four emerging Portuguese artists working with photography in its broadest sense. João Serra focuses on details found in decaying urban … READ ON