Bice Curiger

Jean-Christophe Ammann (1939–2015)

Bice Curiger on Jean-Christophe Ammann (1939–2015)

March 2016

WITH THE PASSING of Jean-Christophe Ammann, a great, pathbreaking curator has left us. He participated in the vanguard of new departures in art, especially in the late 1970s and ’80s, and he breathed a welcome liveliness into the landscape … READ ON


Walter Keller (1953–2014)

Bice Curiger on Walter Keller (1953–2014)

October 2014

WALTER KELLER was a publisher, editor, curator of exhibitions on cultural history, inspired bookseller, gallery owner, consultant, catalyst, and loyal friend who, above all, made an international name for himself in the world of photography.… READ ON


Franz West (1947–2012)

Bice Curiger on Franz West (1947–2012)

November 2012

WHEN FRANZ WEST received the Golden Lion Lifetime Achievement award at the 2011 Venice Biennale, he delivered his speech with a typically Westian sense of mischief. After offering his sincere thanks, he noted that his mother had written his… READ ON



Selected by Peter Fischli Introduction by Bice Curiger

November 2012

AS A YOUNG ARTIST just starting out, David Weiss made a series of drawings that he published in a small edition in 1975, and in the ensuing decades this Regenbüchlein, or “little rain book,” has achieved an almost mythic status. After David… READ ON

IN PRINT November 2012 [TOC]

Sigmar Polke


October 2010

I FIRST MET SIGMAR POLKE in the 1970s—a decade that has been dealt with too summarily in most of his retrospectives to date, since the prevailing opinion has been that the artist spent these years devoting himself to almost anything but … READ ON

IN PRINT October 2010 [TOC]


December 1989

NOT LONG AGO, WHEN I was visiting the Hermitage in Leningrad, I came upon something that astonished me: a medium-large painting by Claude Monet was framed in a cheap, nonreflecting glass that, with a sort of milky effect, filtered away almost… READ ON

IN PRINT December 1989