Britany Salsbury

Allison Bianco

Cade Tompkins Projects

May 2015

The prints in this exhibition explore the instability of memory, formally and contextually effacing personal imagery until it becomes abstracted and foreign. Allison Bianco’s work attempts to reconcile her own childhood recollections of Rhode… READ ON


Sebastian Black

Balice Hertling | Paris

May 2015

For his first exhibition in Paris, Sebastian Black produced a small group of works that at first seem randomly connected. In opposing corners stand two of the artist’s embankment sculptures, which pay homage to bureaucratic design, and between… READ ON


Marcel Storr

Andrew Edlin Gallery

October 2014

Over the course of several decades and some of the most tumultuous events of the twentieth century in Paris—including both world wars and the revolts of 1968—the street-sweeper and artist Marcel Storr prolifically and privately produced a … READ ON



Ortega y Gasset Projects

January 2014

“Actualize,” a group exhibition of seven artists, explores boundaries between thought and action, mining the various means by which meditation can be translated from an abstract method of self-reflection to a means of artistic practice. The… READ ON


Tracey Moffatt

Tyler Rollins Fine Art

November 2013

“Spirit Landscapes,” Tracey Moffatt’s latest exhibition, could be considered a collective artwork in itself, one that probes the inexorable qualities of nostalgia. Inspired by Moffatt’s return to her native Australia after years of living … READ ON


Matthew Barney

The Morgan Library & Museum

June 2013

Known for his experimental multimedia performances, often executed on a large scale and documented as films, Matthew Barney might seem an unlikely subject for a retrospective of works on paper. And yet the artist is an avid draftsman, having… READ ON


Chuck Close

Eykyn Maclean | New York

May 2013

Whether in laboriously executed paintings or technically complex fine art prints, Chuck Close has famously reprised the same subject throughout his long career: the visages of his friends, his colleagues, and himself. The degree of removal … READ ON


Richard Misrach

High Museum of Art

July 2012

For almost two decades the High Museum has sponsored “Picturing the South,” an initiative through which established contemporary photographers compose and present purely subjective portraits of the region. Given Richard Misrach’s reputation… READ ON


Elise Adibi

Churner and Churner

June 2012

Using a process determined equally by seriality and human presence, Elise Adibi draws on the sparse parameters of Minimalist facture to, paradoxically, call attention to the unique, individual character of artistic production. Five six-foot-square… READ ON


Martin Kippenberger

Carolina Nitsch

May 2012

In its display of sublime suffering and desperation, Théodore Géricault’s 1819 painting The Raft of the Medusa seems an unlikely inspiration for Martin Kippenberger, an artist often remembered for his dark humor. As well, the earlier work’s… READ ON