Bronwyn Bailey-Charteris

“Tensta Museum: Reports from New Sweden”

Tensta Konsthall

February 2014

Directed by Maria Lind, this dynamic project encompasses exhibitions, excursions, and lectures about the people and city of Tensta, a suburb northwest of central Stockholm. The immense program explores history and collective memory while … READ ON


Mika Rottenberg

Magasin 3 Stockholm Konsthall

May 2013

There is a sickly, damp, and claustrophobic feel to Mika Rottenberg’s multiple installations on view here. Videos are projected onto screens that hang precariously inside cartons and crates. A cheap-looking ceiling (complete with water stains)… READ ON


“Theater of the World”

MONA - Museum of Old and New Art

February 2013

Upon entering this exhibition, visitors are confronted with a dark foyer containing a small amphitheater of objects. Modernist paintings, wood sculptures, and golden artifacts fill its shelves. Posted on the wall is the key to this curatorial… READ ON


“Sonic Spheres”

TarraWarra Museum of Art

October 2012

Themes of loneliness, connection, and community refracted through place and identity resound throughout the works in “Sonic Spheres,” the third biennial from the TarraWarra Museum of Art, a substantial private museum forty-five minutes from… READ ON


Meijers + Walsh

Monash University Museum of Art

June 2012

Science meets the abject in this collision of fictions from the minds of collaborating artists Meijers + Walsh. The duo have invented a fictional man named Henri Papin—supposedly a collector born in France on June 6 in an unknown year who … READ ON


Yvonne Todd

Center for Contemporary Photography

March 2012

Corporate portraiture is a term not often used in the lexicon of fine arts. It brings to mind a bygone world of family businesses, printed newsletters, and primitive websites. New Zealand–based artist Yvonne Todd has taken this underrepresented… READ ON