Caroline Hancock

Laurent Montaron

Triple V

December 2016

One encounters Laurent Montaron’s Radio (all works 2016) in the gallery’s antechamber: From a SONY CRF-230 B with three antennae, a voice speculates on the power of picking up electrical waves and hearing songs. The antennae are activated by… READ ON


Brook Andrew

Galerie Nathalie Obadia | 3, rue du Cloître St. Merri

June 2016

Brook Andrew’s current exhibition includes work made during a recent photo residency at the Musée du quai Branly in Paris, an institution dedicated to the indigenous arts and cultures of Oceania, the Americas, Asia, and Africa. (It is not … READ ON


Charlotte Moth

Tate Britain

April 2016

Invited to work with the Tate Archive, Charlotte Moth chose to interrogate the museum’s holdings of documentation and ephemera related to the work of sculptor Barbara Hepworth. Moth’s current exhibition, “Choreography of the Image,” highlights… READ ON


Eva Barto

gb agency

February 2016

Eva Barto’s solo exhibition “The Infinite Debt” is a fact-or-fiction whirlwind of calculating and subversive actions. Her cunning infiltration of narratives surrounding corporate and financial power systems destabilizes our notions of authorship… READ ON


Younès Rahmoun

Galerie Imane Farès

October 2015

Seventy-seven translucent resin sculptures of houses, ten cubic centimeters each, are displayed here at chest level on white metal tabletops arranged diagonally throughout the space. Every piece references a different formal archetype for a… READ ON


Anne & Patrick Poirier

Galerie Mitterrand

October 2015

Awareness of the recent catastrophic destruction by DAESH, or ISIS, in Iraq and Syria haunts this exhibition by the duo Anne & Patrick Poirier. The title of the show, “Mesopotamia,” is the term for the part of the ancient Middle East referenced… READ ON


Lida Abdul

Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation | Paris

February 2014

Lida Abdul’s new installation Time, Love and the Workings of Anti-Love, 2013, is given pride of place in this solo exhibition curated by Isabel Carlos, which premiered in Lisbon before heading to Paris. Over five hundred small black-and-white… READ ON


Julia Rometti and Victor Costales

Galerie Jousse Entreprise

June 2013

The title of Julia Rometti and Victor Costales’s latest exhibition, “El Perspectivista,” is a nod to Amazonian perspectivism, a movement developed in the 1990s by Brazilian anthropologist Eduardo Viveiros de Castro, which posits that animals… READ ON


Dominique Blais

Maison du Peuple

April 2013

Dominique Blais’s two-part work Untitled (35-39), 2012–13, features a sculpture and a video that pay homage to Jean Prouvé, Eugène Beaudouin, Marcel Lods, and Vladimir Bodiansky’s extraordinary legacy from 1935 to 1939 in Clichy, a northwestern… READ ON


Virginie Yassef

La Galerie, Centre d'art contemporain

January 2013

Titles tend to be highly evocative in Virginie Yassef’s work, and this solo show is a case in point. “A Wall of Sand Has Just Collapsed” puts the visitor in a general state of expectancy, as if arriving after a disruptive event. Here, the … READ ON