Cathryn Drake

On the Ground: Athens

February 2017

ARCHAEOLOGY OF THE MOMENT: Greece is at the center of a convulsion in global capitalism. Athens, the birthplace of democratic ideals, experienced one of the earliest documented economic crises in the Western world, in the fifth century BCE.… READ ON


Faig Ahmed

February 2017

To enter Faig Ahmed’s exhibition “Nə var, Odur” (It Is What It Is), you had to pass through Aramızdakı pərdə (Curtain In-between, all works 2016), a threshold of diaphanous drapes embellished with gold embroidery. Inside, you encountered … READ ON

IN PRINT February 2017 [TOC]

Paolo Colombo

Qbox Gallery

November 2016

An exhibition of watercolors and photographs by Paolo Colombo portrays an intimate and mysterious cosmos populated by everyday objects (all works untitled and 2016). Several photographs capture artifacts on the artist’s worktable—tiny shells,… READ ON


ZoŽ Paul

November 2016

Zoë Paul’s solo exhibition “Solitude and Village” embodied a harmonious universe where the divine resides within the domestic, the individual alongside the collective. Like a cross between a cult temple and a midcentury living room, the space… READ ON

IN PRINT November 2016 [TOC]

Endless Love

The 6th Warsaw Gallery Weekend

October 2016 WARSAW

LAST TIME I SAW WARSAW, a decade ago, the Palace of Culture and Science was a colossal ruin with darkened windows, an unwanted reminder of the grim Communist past towering over the city center. Now restored and full of life—with three museums,… READ ON


“A World Not Ours”

Art Space Pythagorion

September 2016

The exhibition “A World Not Ours” reflects on the powerful concept of a homeland. For The Persecuted, 2015, asylum seekers captured on the move by photojournalist Yannis Behrakis are presented as newspaper clippings with headlines announcing… READ ON


Another Day in Paradise

The 6th Volcano Extravaganza on Stromboli


THE WAY TO THE AEOLIAN ISLAND OF STROMBOLI—little more than the cone of a volatile volcano emerging from the Sicilian sea—is fraught with uncertainty (and often nausea), and once there you feel tugged between extreme attraction and alienation.… READ ON


Over the Edge

“Thinking at the Edge of the World”


MORE THAN ONE HUNDRED artists, designers, academics, and scientists migrated north to Spitsbergen Island the second weekend of June for “Thinking at the Edge of the World,” a three-day cross-disciplinary conference organized by the Office … READ ON


Drama Club

Marina Abramović’s “As One” at the Benaki Museum in Athens

April 2016 ATHENS

CRISIS DRAWS GAWKERS AS WELL AS REVOLUTIONARIES, but more than anything it really rallies the gurus. To wit, the reigning diva of performance art, Marina Abramović, recently arrived in the birthplace of drama to apply her “method” to its … READ ON


Search and Destroy

The opening of the 5th Athens Biennale

December 2015 ATHENS

THE OPENING DAY OF “OMONOIA,” the fifth Athens Biennale, was typical for the ancient city: Traffic was disrupted by the latest in a series of anti-austerity demonstrations at Syntagma Square—this time the pharmacists, followed the next day … READ ON