Chris Sharp

Federico Herrero

Proyectos Monclova

May 2014

Costa Rican artist Federico Herrero’s solo exhibition “Letters and Volumes” is a refreshingly light read on the subject of painting—a light read that is, however, not devoid of a solid measure of complexity. For the artist’s first show at … READ ON


Juan Downey

November 2013

By no means a mere retrospective, “Juan Downey: Una Utopia de la Comunicación” (Juan Downey: A Communications Utopia) was structured around a specific agenda: cybernetics. This well-researched and elegantly installed exhibition portrayed the… READ ON

IN PRINT November 2013 [TOC]

Simon Hantaï

Centre Pompidou

August 2013

Experimentation and clarity, as demonstrated by this stunning exhibition, are not mutually exclusive conditions. For Simon Hantaï’s posthumous retrospective—the first of the abstractionist’s in almost forty years—crepitates with clarity. … READ ON


Vittorio Brodmann

Leslie Fritz

May 2013

The thirteen paintings in Vittorio Brodmann’s latest exhibition—with their cast of mutant and misbegotten grotesques, drooping visages, and a swirling, variegated palette—could be described as Sunday comic strips dipped, so to speak, in bad… READ ON


Cécile Bart

Galería Desiré Saint Phalle

May 2013

Cécile Bart’s “Interferencias” (Interferences) offers a seductive spin on post-painterly abstraction. For her first exhibition in Mexico City, the French artist presents a series of in situ wall paintings overlaid and interspersed with … READ ON


Mierle Laderman Ukeles

Grazer Kunstverein

April 2013

Mierle Laderman Ukeles’s Touch Sanitation, 1977–80, is an unparalleled colossus of artistic ambition. For this epic undertaking, Ukeles systematically and personally shook the hand of each of New York City’s 8,600 sanitation workers, saying,… READ ON


“Algunas Lagunas”

Proyecto Paralelo

March 2013

Those alarmed by the narrowing gap between curatorial and artistic agency can perhaps rest assured that artists can still get away with murder, at least where curating is concerned. For what would most likely get a curator summarily skewered… READ ON


Guy de Cointet

Jumex Foundation

February 2013

A potential game changer, this solo survey of Guy de Cointet presents a rare opportunity to comprehensively consider the French artist’s graphic production. Active in the Los Angeles art scene during the 1970s and early ’80s, de Cointet, who… READ ON


Giorgio Griffa

Casey Kaplan

January 2013

“Fragments 1968–2012” traverses the past four decades of the Turin-based Italian artist Giorgio Griffa’s winsomely delicate production as a painter. And while changes in terms of content can be descried throughout the fifteen paintings on … READ ON


Les Possédé(e)s

Triangle France

May 2012

The conceit of this motley group show is pretty elusive: to present works that may or may not transmit their authors’ intentions, of which said authors, incidentally, may or may not themselves be aware (hence the title: “The Possessed”). … READ ON