Chrissie Iles

Chrissie Iles

Film: Best of 2009

December 2009

CHRISSIE ILES  1 “Blue” (John Kelly) If YouTube is our collective online cinema, then the best film of the year was posted there: Veteran performance artist John Kelly’s video rendition of “Blue” (excerpted from Paved Paradise Redux, his drag… READ ON

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Frames of Mind

Chrissie Iles on Robert Beavers

October 2009

IN HIS ESSAY “LA TERRA NUOVA,” ROBERT BEAVERS elucidates a paradoxical principle that has informed his filmmaking from the earliest days of his career: “Like the roots of a plant reaching down into the ground, filming remains hidden within … READ ON


Chrissie Iles


December 2007

CHRISSIE ILES  1 Persepolis (Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud) This brave black-and-white animated narrative feature adapts Satrapi’s graphic novels about her life as a rebellious young woman in revolutionary Iran and as an expat in … READ ON

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Chrissie Iles

December 2006

1 “The Secret Public: The Last Days of the British Underground 1978–88” (Kunstverein München) History will prove that the artists in this intelligent show—among them Michael Clark, Derek Jarman, Stuart Marshall, Neil Bartlett, Stephen Willats,… READ ON

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John Latham


April 2006

THE PASSING OF John Latham, one of Britain’s senior artists (and also one of the most radical), marks the end of an era. A central figure in British art since the ’50s, Latham died on January 1, at eighty-four. He wielded a subtle but profound… READ ON

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Chrissie Iles

FILM: Best of 2005

December 2005

CHRISSIE ILES  1 “DESTRICTED” For this series of short films, Marina Abramovic, Matthew Barney, Marco Brambilla, Larry Clark, Mike Figgis, Sam Taylor-Wood, and Gaspar Noé have—or soon will have—created (at the behest of Neville Wakefield, … READ ON

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September 2005

ROBERT BEAVERS’s extraordinary films have for decades gone largely unseen in the US. Next month the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York mounts the first complete retrospective of Beavers’s work, organized by HENRIETTE HULDISCH, who … READ ON

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Chrissie Iles

FILM: Best of 2004

December 2004

CHRISSIE ILES  1. Five (Abbas Kiarostami) The contemplative stillness of Kiarostami’s five-part masterpiece reveals the rhythms of the Caspian seashore through slowly observed details.  2. Notre Musique (Jean-Luc Godard) In Godard’s divine … READ ON

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Chrissie Iles

December 2003

CHRISSIE ILES  1 Michael Heizer, North, East, South, West (Dia:Beacon, Beacon, NY) Heizer’s key work, only partially constructed in the Nevada desert in 1967, is now for the first time fully installed, indoors, at Dia:Beacon. Four negative … READ ON

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Jack Goldstein


May 2003

“I AM ALWAYS DISAPPEARING in my performances––it’s strange how personal my work is.”  Just as a serious assessment of the ’80s is beginning, one of the period’s most important and neglected figures has slipped from our grasp. The long-term … READ ON

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