Christina Catherine Martinez

Double Booked

The 4th LA Art Book Fair

February 2016 LOS ANGELES

SMILE. DON’T SAY CHEESE. SAY PUNK’S NOT DEAD.  “I don’t know,” Kim Gordon replies, “it might have died last night.” It’s a joke, you think. But maybe she’s talking about the in-exile Saint Laurent fall 2016 fashion show that took place the … READ ON


Third Time’s a Charm

The 3rd LA Art Book Fair

February 2015 LOS ANGELES

“I LOVE THE CROWD,” said Frances Stark ahead of her keynote address at the third iteration of the LA Art Book Fair. “It’s so LA.” Indeed, the endless comments from attendees and exhibitors praising the energy and the vibe the book fair brings… READ ON


Azzedine Alaļa

Palais Galliera, City of Paris Museum of Fashion

November 2013

For Tunisian-born designer Azzedine Alaïa’s first Parisian retrospective, Musée Galliera director Olivier Saillard christened the museum’s newly renovated galleries with a strong yet subtle exhibition that reflects the return of the nearly … READ ON


Fresh and Refresh

The 5th Perform Chinatown

August 2013 LOS ANGELES

SHOWING UP TO A PARTY at all is in itself a gesture of deference in Los Angeles, where La Cienega Boulevard may as well be the International Date Line. The weekend before last saw a host of events, literally traversing one end of the city to… READ ON


By the Book

The LA Art Book Fair

February 2013 LOS ANGELES

LAST THURSDAY NIGHT’S launch of the debut LA Art Book Fair at the Geffen Contemporary at MoCA took not just the building but also social-media sites and apps by storm, an earnest frenzy that had settled into a simple fact of life by the time… READ ON