Claire Barliant

Tommy Hartung

Rose Art Museum

April 2017

Tommy Hartung is one of a number of artists—including Huma Bhabha, Ry Rocklen, and Allyson Vieira—who assemble scavenged materials to make sculpture that evokes ancient civilizations. Hartung sets himself apart largely through his use of … READ ON


Wendy Jacob

Wendy Jacob discusses her current exhibition at the Radcliffe Institute

November 2016

For more than two decades, Wendy Jacob has been steadily building a practice that manages to intertwine ideas of care, architecture, and transgression. From her days as a cofounder of Haha, the collective that contributed Flood, 1992–95, a … READ ON


Frances Stark

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

October 2016

“Concealing what is shameful to you will never lead to anything of value,” Norwegian diarist Karl Ove Knausgaard told the Paris Review. Uninhibited, soul-baring autobiography has never been more in demand, and the demand has never been easier… READ ON



April 2010

We all now know better than to believe in the myth of the artist working alone in her studio. But what of the supposed alternative, the idea of a collective happily plugging away on a shared project? prow, a collaborative entity whose name … READ ON

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Saul Fletcher

June 2006

“But what does the painter think about his work—which in itself appears to be unresolved—being framed, enclosed, placed in an interior?,” a journalist wrote in 1920, after visiting Piet Mondrian’s Paris studio. “His studio answers for him. … READ ON

IN PRINT Summer 2006 [TOC]

Terence Gower

May 2006

Raul the fun-loving bachelor has a series of madcap adventures in Terence Gower’s must-see 2004 video Ciudad Moderna. He gets into a scrape, dances in his chic apartment clad only in his underwear, executes a mean pratfall, dives into a pool,… READ ON


Jason Dodge

May 2006

For all that modern amenities such as telephones and airplanes mitigate the difficulties of maintaining long-distance relationships, the miles that separate us from our loved ones can still feel bitterly vast. Leaning on little more than a … READ ON


Pawel Wojtasik

May 2006

The statistics that inspired Pawel Wojtasik’s twenty-two-minute video, The Aquarium, 2006, according to gallery literature, are so predictably depressing that they might seem to barely warrant repeating: The normal life span of a beluga whale… READ ON

IN PRINT May 2006 [TOC]

Mika Rottenberg

April 2006

The blood-chilling term efficiency expert was coined in the early twentieth century by mechanical engineer and management consultant Frederick Taylor, who famously timed factory employees to encourage them to work faster. Mika Rottenberg’s … READ ON

IN PRINT April 2006 [TOC]

Bruno Peinado

March 2006

Having landed simultaneous exhibitions in Manhattan and Brooklyn, French artist Bruno Peinado took advantage of the geographical opposition to launch a site-specific investigation of duality, reflection, and inversion. Although the two shows… READ ON

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