Clare Davies

Ala Younis

Gypsum Gallery

May 2014

Ala Younis’s latest solo exhibition, “UAR,” offers a deceptively straightforward visual archive of Egypt’s second president (1956–70) and Pan-Arabist leader, Gamal Abdel Nasser. Photographs, illustrated journal covers, and other ephemera … READ ON


“The Parenthesis Show”

Contemporary Image Collective

March 2012

This exhibition introduces audiences to the output of five young, largely unknown artists whose work is physically engaged, playful, and elegantly conceptual in scope. The pieces on view were produced over the course of a three-month workshop,… READ ON



March 2011

The opening of Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art in Doha last December was marked by two large-scale exhibitions—“Sajjil: A Century of Modern Art” and “Told / Untold / Retold”—devoted to “modern” and “contemporary” periods of artmaking in … READ ON


Francesc Ruiz

November 2010

Francesc Ruiz’s latest exhibition incorporates two parts: a stand-alone installation and a citywide “paper trail.” In the gallery, Newsstand (all works 2010) re-creates a bustling roadside stall as a dynamic world populated by sculptures of… READ ON


Al Taylor

February 2008

The wry sense of humor animating this body of early work by Al Taylor echoes a tradition of deadpan epistemological joke-making embraced by Marcel Duchamp and “rediscovered” by post–Abstract Expressionist American artists. The collection of… READ ON


Iman Issa

January 2008

“Making Places,” Iman Issa’s current exhibition of photographs and videos at the Townhouse Gallery, presents a meditation on the urban landscape in reproducible media. The relative anonymity of the scenery (its “placelessness”) and the careful… READ ON


Francis Als

November 2007

Francis Alÿs’s Fabiola inaugurates a three-year collaboration between the Dia Art Foundation and the Hispanic Society of America. If you haven’t already been, the museum’s collection and somewhat startling Beaux Arts architecture are themselves… READ ON


Chris Marker

September 2007

“Staring Back,” the title of Chris Marker’s current exhibition, suggests a challenge to viewers’ sense of self-entitlement, a bold visual and ethical gesture of response. Marker’s intervention quietly sidesteps the familiar impulse to capture… READ ON


Carter Mull

September 2007

Carter Mull’s latest exhibition, “Ethics of Everyday Fiction,” initially resists close looking. Painted-over photographs, digital prints of collaged images, photographs sandwiched between layers of Plexiglas and propped against the wall, a … READ ON