Claudia La Rocco

Constance Lewallen

Constance Lewallen talks about “Mind over Matter”

November 2016

The University of California, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAMPFA) was one of the first museums to focus on collecting Conceptual art. Since the 1960s, it has amassed works by Tom Marioni, Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, and Ant Farm,… READ ON


Laugh Lines

October 2016

“IT’S A TERRIBLE WORD FOR A YOUNG ARTIST—creative dance; it’s oppressive.”  “I hope you can understand how absurd my practice is.”  These are two of the many very good lines Deborah Hay tossed off Saturday night on the stage of Zellerbach … READ ON


Deep Space

July 2016

SHORTLY BEFORE I SAW BLANK MAP, a work created and performed collectively by five black, queer artists, an invitation for “Blackness in Abstraction,” a show at Pace Gallery curated by Adrienne Edwards, landed in my inbox.    As I watched … READ ON


Comin’ Round the Mountain

June 2016

IN THE BEGINNING IS THE END.  That’s what I kept thinking while standing alone in 356 S. Mission’s industrial backlot amid shifting clumps of art-world denizens. The late-day golden light was fading, and wave upon wave of Biblical so-and-so… READ ON


Church and State

April 2016

IN A THREE-NIGHT STRETCH earlier this month, I saw jazz legend Cecil Taylor’s concert with Min Tanaka and Tony Oxley at the Whitney, Miami City Ballet at Lincoln Center, and Vicky Shick at Danspace Project. “This is a totally weird amalgamation,”… READ ON


History in the Making

March 2016

AS WITH HIS PREVIOUS SERIES, Twenty Looks or Paris Is Burning at the Judson Church, 2009–2013, Trajal Harrell’s new production, The Ghost of Montpellier Meets the Samurai, is explicitly concerned with speculative history. But this time around,… READ ON


Present Tense

February 2016

THE WOMAN IS sitting on a couch in the museum. She is only sitting. She isn’t looking distractedly at a brochure, or taking a picture of art, or herself, or herself and art. She isn’t doing anything with her phone, even just holding it like… READ ON


Five Years

January 2016

But to impose is not To discover. To discover an order as of A season, to discover summer and know it,  To discover winter and know it well, to find, Not to impose, not to have reasoned at all, Out of nothing to have come on major weather, … READ ON


Pointe / Counterpointe

November 2015

FOR HIS PERFORMA 15 COMMISSION, Jérôme Bel has created a compact work in an unwieldy delivery system: The thirty-five-minute Ballet (New York) is being presented in three spaces around Manhattan this month—Marian Goodman Gallery, the Martha… READ ON


Game On

October 2015

IT’S A FUNNY THING to spend five hours with something and not know how you feel about it. This is especially true when it’s someone else’s thing, that you have ostensibly, or so convention holds, been invited in to witness.  Sarah Michelson’s… READ ON