Corrine Fitzpatrick

Lucy Raven

Lucy Raven talks about Tales of Love and Fear at EMPAC in Troy, New York

February 2015

Lucy Raven is an artist living in New York. Her site-specific installation Tales of Love and Fear—which consists of a custom-built rig of rotating platforms, a stereoscopic photograph split between two projectors, and sound based on field … READ ON


Corrine Fitzpatrick

December 2014

LAST APRIL, Cleopatra’s housed “Which arbitrary thing are you,” (April 6 to May 4, 2014) a two-person exhibition of sculpture and video by Sara Magenheimer and paintings by Sadie Laska. All of the works were from 2014, with the exception of… READ ON


Urs Fischer

Gagosian Gallery | 104 Delancey Street

April 2014

Have you seen the Urs Fischer in the old Chase? That is what my friend asked as we walked up Delancey toward the bridge. No, I had not. We crossed over and entered the former bank through spray-painted doors. For the next twenty minutes, we… READ ON


Moyra Davey

Murray Guy

March 2014

In Moyra Davey’s new exhibition, “Ornament and Reproach,” two paintings bearing the artist’s name and the show’s title hang amid predominately photographic work. In lieu of standard opening and closing information is the curious timespan, … READ ON


Mathieu Lefevre

Regina Rex

June 2013

“Irony as method” is how Mathieu Lefevre, the Canadian artist who passed away in 2011 at the age of thirty, once described his work. The ten pieces—indeed a litany of wisecracks and one-liners—included in his first posthumous solo exhibition,… READ ON


YES! Association/Föreningen JA!

YES! Association/Föreningen JA! talk about their work in “Anti-Establishment”

November 2012

The YES! Association/Föreningen JA! is an institution, an art worker, and a group of people working to overthrow heteronormative, patriarchal, racist, and capitalist power structures by redistributing access to financial resources, space, … READ ON


Zoe Leonard

Murray Guy

October 2012

The checklist for Zoe Leonard’s current solo exhibition lists the materials composing her twenty-three-by-twenty-nine-foot camera obscura, 453 West 17th Street, 2012, as “lens and darkened room.” As with the installation’s previous iterations… READ ON


Ulrike Müller

Ulrike Müller talks about Herstory Inventory

May 2012

Ulrike Müller is an Austrian-born, New York–based artist whose work investigates form as a mode of critical engagement. In 2007, Müller found an inventory list describing a collection of feminist T-shirts at the Lesbian Herstory Archives in… READ ON


Deville Cohen

November 2011

The five aluminum-mounted ink-jet prints on view in Deville Cohen’s first New York solo exhibition seem like souvenirs from the main event: a nineteen-minute video playing on a large screen in the gallery’s basement. Combining photographs of… READ ON



October 2011

“To perform is a request for witness,” states MPA. Since 2005, the self-labeled feminist and exhibitionist has garnered attention for her live performances, often pushing her body through hypersymbolic physical thresholds in an ongoing … READ ON