Courtney Fiske

Nairy Baghramian

Marian Goodman Gallery | New York

May 2017

Nairy Baghramian’s latest show, “Dwindle Down,” features, among other works, four jointed glass sculptures that embody the titular verb. Seamed with metal bands and liberal daubs of adhesive, their segments are anchored to the wall by brackets… READ ON


Eleanore Mikus

Craig F. Starr Gallery

March 2017

Eleanore Mikus made the majority of her Tablets atop her studio floor, fitting sections of plywood into an eccentric patchwork then setting the arrangement with wooden braces and glue. The pressure subtly reconfigured each piece, yielding an… READ ON


Joan Mitchell

Cheim & Read

November 2016

For Joan Mitchell, painting was a suspended kinesthesia, an act that both dilated and disallowed bodily control, like riding a bicycle with no hands. Displayed here in a four-decade sweep alongside pastels and watercolors, her canvases make… READ ON


Victor Burgin

Bridget Donahue, Cristin Tierney

October 2016

Victor Burgin premises his art on misalignment. His early work commutes among image, narrative, and theory, pleasuring in the friction among disjointed forms of meaning. Exemplary from this period is UK76, 1976, a suite of eleven black-and-white… READ ON


Ed Moses

Albertz Benda

September 2016

Spanning 1951 to ’99, this survey of paintings and drawings by West Coast artist Ed Moses presents a pleasurable mismatch of gestures and techniques. Working horizontally so as to be able to approach his support from all sides, Moses variously… READ ON


Meg Webster

Paula Cooper Gallery | 534 West 21st Street

June 2016

Meg Webster’s Solar Grow Room (all works cited, 2016) centers greenery—lettuces, herbs, and assorted blooms—under LED grow lights that are powered by solar panels affixed to the gallery’s exterior. Equipment and edibles join in a self-sustaining… READ ON


Amie Siegel

Simon Preston

May 2016

Amie Siegel’s latest works probe the pathos of preterit things. Shot in crystalline HD, Fetish, 2016, documents the annual cleaning of Freud’s London home, preserved since the early 1980s as a museum. Bronze sibyls, ceramic sphinxes, and … READ ON


Jean Tinguely

Gladstone Gallery | West 21st St

November 2015

For Jean Tinguely, art was a transitive proposition, meant to clatter, clank, and clunk its way to the trash. Tracing the four-decade arc of Tinguely’s career, the kinetic objects on display insist on being both seen and heard. Cobbled from… READ ON


Rosemarie Castoro


September 2015

When Rosemarie Castoro appears in art history, it’s often as a footnote to Carl Andre, her husband for six years in the 1960s. This installation in her former loft, where she lived and worked from 1964 until her death this May, challenges … READ ON


Jack Tworkov

Alexander Gray Associates

September 2015

For Polish-born painter Jack Tworkov, the 1960s were a cul-de-sac for the autographic gesture. AbEx had tipped from an earnest style into a mode of stylization, and the question was how to continue painting, if at all. Spanning five decades,… READ ON