Cristina Sanchez-Kozyreva

Attitude Adjustment

The 7th Art Stage Singapore

January 2017 SINGAPORE

“FINALLY!” was all anyone could think last Tuesday when Myanmar-based artist Aye Ko received the 2017 Joseph Balestier Award for the Freedom of Art. He’d been nominated for the prestigious prize three years running.  Ko immediately promised… READ ON


The Lucie Show

Ritiro” in Bali

January 2017 BALI

THE INDONESIAN ISLAND OF BALI isn’t (yet) an art-world hotspot. “It’s like you are coming to the forest with us before all the trees are cut,” joked Esti Dewi, the wife of artist Filippo Sciascia, hinting at the promise for industry scouts.… READ ON


The Wild Bund

The 11th Shanghai Biennale

November 2016 SHANGHAI

LAST WEEK I SPENT THE SHOCKING, watershed days around the dawn of Trump’s America in Shanghai. While the events resonated here, it was less a shake than a quiver. After all, China and its overheating art world are far from the center of that… READ ON


Fall Forward

Hong Kong Art Week

November 2016 HONG KONG

“AREN’T YOU HOT IN THAT?” I asked Frog King, swathed in his usual animistic garb dangling with sculptures and talismans, as he stood in the courtyard at PMQ, the “creative industries” hub in a former government school and quarters for married… READ ON


Danh Vō

White Cube | Hong Kong

October 2016

Danh Vō excels in arranging striking presentations from improbable associations between autobiographical innuendos and artifacts. On the ground floor, Lick Me, Lick Me, 2016, a fridge cooling a sixteenth-century wooden Jesus head, acts as a… READ ON


Night Fever

The 1st Art Stage Jakarta


“I PREFER SEEING PRIVATE COLLECTIONS TO MUSEUMS,” said collector Wiyu Wahono. “They are like an enigma to decipher.” We were at a dinner at the home of another collector, Prasodjo Winarko, on the eve of the opening of Art Stage Jakarta, and… READ ON


Günther Förg

Massimo De Carlo | Hong Kong

June 2016

In Günther Förg’s lifelong relationship with abstract painting, he embraced colors even if it included limiting his use of them. He played unwaveringly with the sense of proportion on his canvases. The paintings on exhibit here were made … READ ON


Formosa and Function

The 1st Formosa 101 art fair

May 2016 TAIPEI

“THAT’S HOW YOU DO BUSINESS,” cheered Wei-Wei Wang, director of the inaugural Formosa 101 art fair. Dealer Tong Walton had managed, within a minute of our encounter, to add me on WeChat and send along a PDF of Liu Xia’s dark-humored paintings… READ ON


Yeh Shih-Chiang

Hanart TZ Gallery

May 2016

Yeh Shih-Chiang’s brushstrokes are arresting despite the deliberate simplicity of their compositions. The exhibition features twenty-eight of the artist’s large, tranquil landscapes painted in the last two decades of his life. Yeh used both… READ ON


Fantastic Four

The 4th Art Basel Hong Kong

March 2016 HONG KONG

“LAST TIME I CAME TO HONG KONG I was sixteen, and that was in 1961,” recalled the Indian artist Nalini Malani last Sunday. “I had just finished high school, so my mother wanted to reward me with a trip, but nowhere too far. She said: Here is… READ ON