Cristina Sanchez-Kozyreva

“Binet, Divola, & Stoerchle”


January 2018

Before he became an essential figure of the 1970s Southern California art scene and professor in the legendary Post-Studio program at CalArts, Wolfgang Stoerchle studied painting at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). There,… READ ON


Mika Tajima


October 2017

Central to Mika Tajima’s current exhibition is Force Touch (Manibus, 1) (all works 2017), a large wall facing the gallery’s street entrance and blowing air from several gold-chromed stainless-steel spa jets. Although these allude to the … READ ON


Rama Lama Ding Dong


September 2017 MARSEILLE

“MARSEILLE WAS BUILT ON A HISTORY OF FAILURES,” curator Cédric Aurelle gushed. Our friendly little group—which included Véronique Collard Bovy, the chic producer of the city’s flagship event Art-O-Rama—stood sipping white wine and philosophizing… READ ON


Emory Memories

Emory Douglas at Laveronica Arte Contemporanea

September 2017 MODICA, ITALY

THE MODICA STOP on the erratic airport bus from Catania was more rugged than I expected for an ancient UNESCO World Heritage spot. But a few hills down the road we were engulfed by the voluptuous Baroque architecture that defines this beautiful… READ ON


Down the Loophole

The LOOP video fair


ON A RECENT SUNNY WEDNESDAY, I walked by the skateboarders riding in front of the Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA) and descended to the dark auditorium just in time to hear director Ferran Barenblit introduce Video Data Bank’s … READ ON


Lisbon Rendezvous

The 2nd ARCO Lisboa

June 2017 LISBON

“WE THOUGHT ABOUT EXPANDING TO LATIN AMERICA, but it was more complicated. So we decided to open a gallery here,” Pedro Maisterra said at the inauguration of his and Belén Valbuena’s new gallery branch in Lisbon’s Alvalade barrio. “Spain and… READ ON


Zhou Li

Yuz Museum, Shanghai | 余徳耀美术馆

May 2017

In the pitch-black two-room gallery, Zhou Li’s cream-gray paintings on the walls glow in the dark. The opening work, Reflections in the Mirror, 2017—a drawing that turns out to be a light box painted black but for a single snaking line allowing… READ ON


Best in Show

The 5th Art Basel Hong Kong

March 2017 HONG KONG

“THERE ARE MORE PEOPLE in this room than there are in all of Marfa, Texas. Although—it’s just as international,” said Chinati Foundation director Jenny Moore to an agreeable Jay Jopling.  It was Monday night, and we were at the Balinese Potato… READ ON


Good Humor

The 5th Art Fair Philippines


I HAVE YET TO FIND a taxi driver who thinks wrong of president Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte since his election last May. His approval ratings regularly exceed 80 percent, despite the controversial hero’s burial he organized for former dictator … READ ON


Attitude Adjustment

The 7th Art Stage Singapore

January 2017 SINGAPORE

“FINALLY!” was all anyone could think last Tuesday when Myanmar-based artist Aye Ko received the 2017 Joseph Balestier Award for the Freedom of Art. He’d been nominated for the prestigious prize three years running.  Ko immediately promised… READ ON