Daniel Boese

Julius Popp and Mark Lombardi

April 2009

Media artists aren’t having the easiest time of it these days: Back in the mid-1990s, Julia Scher was still able to shock us by mounting security cameras on all four of her bedposts and filming everything that happened at night between the … READ ON

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Michael Sailstorfer

December 2008

It has been stormy seas for the world’s stock markets, and financial giants are tumbling from their pedestals, but meanwhile, a silver metal storage building on a snowy meadow is pulsating: The metal walls puff up until they look about to … READ ON

IN PRINT December 2008 [TOC]

Wrinkle in Time

Berlin during the Art Forum fair

November 2008 BERLIN

IF MOVIES ARE TO BE BELIEVED, each of life’s junctures deserves a sound track. So it seems worth noting that last week, during the various openings and affairs coinciding with Art Forum Berlin, I often found myself humming Blur’s “Out of … READ ON


“62 Days, 58 Shows, 212 Artists”

November 2008

A crowd was assembled on the sidewalk outside the bar, drinking beer out of bottles. Around the corner, a few young Turkish men had set up a grill right in the street. Inside the long, narrow, gray space known as the Forgotten Bar, you had … READ ON

IN PRINT November 2008 [TOC]

Barking Dogs United

October 2008

Crossing a threshold takes only a single step, but at Schalter your way of walking was instantly transformed, as your feet came to rest upon one of dozens of skateboards covering the floor in long rows. Involuntarily, you bent your knees to… READ ON

IN PRINT October 2008 [TOC]

ABC 123

The opening of Art Berlin Contemporary

September 2008 BERLIN

Fair was a four-letter word at last Thursday’s opening of Art Berlin Contemporary (ABC). Artistic director Ariane Beyn continually corrected those who called it a fair: “It is an exhibition,” she insisted—yet no one seemed to be listening. … READ ON


Jan Muche

June 2008

“Everything allowed—nothing required” is the motto of the most popular German swinger website, joyclub.de, which the young artist Jan Muche has used as the title of this exhibition. Muche is a painter who swings through recent art history. … READ ON


Pride and Prejudice

Germany's new monument to homosexual victims of the Holocaust

May 2008 BERLIN

Even in the hubbub of Berlin’s political life, such a queer mixture is seldom to be seen: Last Tuesday, the conservative minister of cultural affairs, Bernd Neumann, stood amid hundreds of gay men of all stripes. There were guys in bomber … READ ON


Viktoria Binschtok

May 2008

It looked as if the gallery had closed up shop. Had the end come for one of the pioneers of Brunnenstrasse, home to Berlin’s youngest galleries? All the other white cubes were brightly lit, but Klemm’s had blacked-out windows. The space looked… READ ON

IN PRINT May 2008 [TOC]

Riccardo Previdi

April 2008

At first glance, Kurfürstenstrasse appears to be a typical West Berlin street: Once an elegant, respectable residential area, now German and Romanian prostitutes struggle over control of the strip. Those who come to see the first solo exhibition… READ ON