Darren Jones

Deborah Brown

Geary Contemporary

September 2017

Riotous storms of thrashing color formed into woodland scenes are the hallmark of Brooklyn-based artist Deborah Brown’s paintings here. Among forested tableaux under tempestuous skies are recurring motifs: birds, a dog, and a lone female … READ ON


Dana Powell

Allen & Eldridge

August 2017

Refreshingly, Dana Powell’s twelve oil-on-linen paintings here are titled to succinctly convey their subjects: for example, Pale pool or Smoke screen (all works 2017). The approach is confident, allowing the viewer to engage visually without… READ ON


Maira Kalman

Julie Saul Gallery

June 2017

The county of Dorset in southwest England is characterized by rolling hills, rugged coastline, and wooded valleys. It’s this idyllic landscape that serves as the subject for Maira Kalman’s current show of ten gouache-on-paper paintings in … READ ON


Peter Howson

Flowers Gallery

May 2017

Scottish artist Peter Howson is known for dramatic paintings of brutal melees in urban settings and muscular working-class men in noble combat or heroic poses. Elements of his own tumultuous experiences are often writ large, including his … READ ON


Mark Todd

Webb Gallery

May 2017

For his solo exhibition “Don’t Go to Hell Without Saying Goodbye,” Mark Todd has tweaked the aching sentimentality of crooner ballads, as well as blues and American standards in the vein of Dean Martin, Bobby Rush, and Johnny Mercer to make… READ ON


Stephen Irwin


April 2017

Pornography isn’t often concerned with subtlety and wistful reflection, but Stephen Irwin treated it, in works on view in this posthumous exhibition, as a vehicle for elusive delicacy that repels our expectations. Pages from vintage magazines,… READ ON


Paul Chan

Greene Naftali Gallery

March 2017

For his current exhibition here, Paul Chan has made nylon figures—hooded, tapered, or headless—fixed atop fans that inflate and animate them in wild contortions and macabre dance. Electrical cables run from power outlets via concrete-filled… READ ON


Peter Caine


February 2017

Much Trump-related art pokes at the president’s perceived physical inadequacies, faltering at superficiality and failing to elucidate concerns within our body politic. Peter Caine’s exhibition “The Old Man and the Sheep” is an eviscerating … READ ON


John Dante Bianchi

Denny Gallery

January 2017

For his solo exhibition “Unavoidable Encounter,” John Dante Bianchi has made sculptures that initially register as paintings attempting to escape their supports. Concertina-like folds of what seems to be canvas—but is actually immaculately … READ ON


Loris Gréaud

Dallas Contemporary

March 2015

Loris Gréaud is best known for expansive multimedia installations concerning grand themes often culled from the natural sciences. Executed in collaboration with architects, engineers, and physicists, the sculptural components of his immersive… READ ON