David Huber

Jimmy Robert

Jimmy Robert talks about his work for Performa 17 at the Glass House

October 2017

The work of Guadeloupe-born, Bucharest-based artist Jimmy Robert spans photography, film, video, sculpture, and performance, but collage is its mainstay. For his latest piece, titled Imitation of Lives, 2017, and staged at Philip Johnson’s … READ ON


Forensic Architecture

October 2017

FOR DECADES NOW, the bleeding edge of architecture has treated building itself as a foil, even an adversary—the mirror image of a self-styled critical practice. As the paper architecture of the 1960s and ’70s developed into a wide range of … READ ON

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History Again

The 2nd Chicago Architecture Biennial

September 2017 CHICAGO

THE WEEK BEFORE LAST, fifty miles east of Downtown Chicago, on the bank of the Fox River in Kendall County, where Trump beat Clinton by a hair, a young woman in a neon-green getup and white volleyball kneepads stood on the deck of Mies van … READ ON


Foster Home

The inauguration of the Norman Foster Foundation

June 2017 MADRID

LIKE MANY MARRIED MEN, Norman Foster takes enormous pride in his garage. His is brand new, an immaculate structure made of German glass and polished Japanese mirror, built behind a petite 1902 palace in Madrid that has been refurbished to … READ ON


Luisa Lambri

Luisa Lambri discusses her work about and in the Met Breuer

January 2017

For nearly twenty years, the artist Luisa Lambri has lingered in the twentieth century’s most hallowed interiors, using the doors, corners, and mood-altering apertures of modernist buildings by Aalto, Bo Bardi, Corbusier, and others as prompts… READ ON


“Insecurities: Tracing Displacement and Shelter”

January 2017

LIKE A LOT of inexpensive flat-packed furniture—shipped halfway around the world and arriving with “some assembly required”—the lightweight, pitch-roofed structure at the center of the Museum of Modern Art in New York’s “Insecurities: Tracing… READ ON

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Operation Build

June 2016

THE TWIN IMPERATIVES steering the flurry of recent museum transformations resemble a yoga technique: expand and relax. It has been a boom time for some while now, but growth tells only part of the story and increasingly, a smaller one. In … READ ON


Just Do It

The opening of the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale

June 2016 VENICE

FROM NOW THROUGH THE FALL, visitors to Venice will likely catch a glimpse of archaeologist Maria Reiche perched high atop an aluminum ladder, peering downward at the Peruvian desert. The photograph, taken by writer Bruce Chatwin circa 1975,… READ ON


Oil and Water

The 1st Chicago Architecture Biennial

October 2015 CHICAGO

IMPRESSIVE EXHIBITIONS, like abhorrent oil spills, can really stick: The impact is permanent. Still, I wasn’t the only one surprised to see the budding Chicago Architecture Biennial get in bed with Big Oil the first time around. Perhaps there… READ ON


Hidden in Plain Sight

The New Museum’s Ideas City festival

June 2015 NEW YORK

HERE’S ONE WAY to break through all that noise and get the attention of a mostly under-thirty-five-year-old audience, a demographic fawned over by marketers and worshiped like a cult by brands, a niche all of us millennials were born into … READ ON