David Rhodes

Gary Stephan


August 2013

The seven paintings and forty-five small-scale works on paper in Gary Stephan’s solo exhibition achieve a precise balance with the site, “T” Space, a tall rectangular structure situated within a woodland and designed by Steven Holl. The … READ ON


Alice Mackler

Kerry Schuss

July 2013

A crowd of women, all ceramic, all less than a foot tall, all on plinths of various sizes, faces the entrance to Alice Mackler’s latest exhibition. The glazed color and lumpy, ovular form of the sculptures meld into each other, a tactile … READ ON


Lawrence Weiner

Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona

June 2013

For the first time, an exhibition on Lawrence Weiner’s work focuses on the artist’s drawings. “WRITTEN ON THE WIND” is an extensive survey of an essential part of Weiner’s oeuvre, and comprises nearly 300 drawings produced over a fifty-year… READ ON


Anne Hardy

Maureen Paley

May 2013

As odd as it may sound, Anne Hardy’s obsessively detailed scenarios recall Joan Miró’s 1920s paintings of fields and farmhouses. Miró’s flattened picture planes are staged and artificial tableaux of signs and objects, which Hardy achieves … READ ON


Stanley Whitney

Team Gallery | Grand Street

April 2013

Stanley Whitney’s paintings are not so easy to describe, because they foreground color, and color is not so easy to define. It routinely divides opinion and evades certainty, and so is available for infinite exegesis. It is both elemental—as… READ ON


Alan Uglow

David Zwirner | 519 West 19th Street

March 2013

Doubles and doubling abound in this thoughtfully installed exhibition curated by Bob Nickas, who also contributes a fine text for the exhibition catalogue. Take the paintings Standard #8 (Blue), 1994, and Portrait of a Standard (Blue), 2000:… READ ON


Cordy Ryman

Visual Arts Center of New Jersey

February 2013

The twelve works in this exhibition hew to methods familiar to Cordy Ryman’s 2010 solo show at DCKT Contemporary in New York—though in the present gathering, greater success is achieved both by the installation as a whole and in the individual… READ ON


Helmut Federle

Kunstmuseum Luzern

January 2013

This exhibition reiterates Helmut Federle’s position as an artist who rejects a formalist reading of abstract painting, insisting instead on the impossibility of separating formal properties from meaning. Small-scale paintings and drawings … READ ON


Juan Uslé

Galerie Lelong | Paris

January 2013

Within each of Juan Uslé’s paintings the artist’s hand seems always present—one can sense the speed and rhythm of his brush and whether purposeful or not, variety is endemic. Sometimes brushstrokes form a concentrated island of intensified … READ ON


Rudolf Stingel

Gagosian Gallery | Paris

December 2012

Rudolf Stingel has recycled the fragments of reflective Celotex insulation panels used to line the walls of his 2007 exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago and the Whitney Museum in New York and cast them in copper, then … READ ON