David Spalding

“Light Before Dawn: Unofficial Chinese Art 1974–1985”

Asia Society | Hong Kong

August 2013

One evening during the winter of 1974, amid the repressive chaos of China’s Cultural Revolution, a group of artists risked persecution to present their works to one another. At a Beijing apartment chosen for its dark corridors—to shield … READ ON


“Groundwork Community”

Taikang Space

August 2013

Walking through “Groundwork Community”—a surgically precise, seven-artist exhibition on view at the Beijing nonprofit Taikang Space—feels at times like scrutinizing a classified document filled with visible redactions: tantalizing. Each of … READ ON


Wang Luyan

Parkview Green

May 2013

Wang Luyan is Chinese contemporary art’s Zeno: He thrives on paradoxes. Even the title of Wang’s large-scale solo exhibition of recent work, “Diagramming Allegory,” suggests an internal contradiction. Housed primarily within two long exhibition… READ ON


Song Kun

January 2007

A founding member of the N12 group—twelve ambitious young graduates of Beijing’s prestigious Central Academy of Fine Arts who have been organizing their own annual exhibitions—Song Kun was educated after the Cultural Revolution and raised in… READ ON

IN PRINT January 2007 [TOC]

“New York, Interrupted”

December 2006

In a deliberate move to establish itself as a global art venue, Seoul’s PKM Gallery invited New Museum curator Dan Cameron to organize the inaugural exhibition at its new outpost in Beijing. “New York, Interrupted” offers Beijing audiences … READ ON


Ai Weiwei

September 2006

“History,” Ai Weiwei has said, “is the missing piece of the puzzle in everything we do.” The same could be said about Ai himself, whose work as an artist, curator, editor, and architect has been a driving force behind the development of … READ ON

IN PRINT September 2006 [TOC]

Chen Qiulin

August 2006

Since 1993, the Three Gorges Dam project has flooded thousands of villages along the Yangtze River, forcing the relocation of approximately 1.2 million people—the largest such migration in human history. Chen Qiulin, a young Chengdu-based … READ ON


Wang Jianwei

April 2006

Wang Jianwei is one of Beijing’s most philosophically inclined artists. For his latest three-part installation, Relativism: A Flying Bird is Motionless, 2005, Wang uses video, digital photography, and sculpture to raise questions about … READ ON


Second Guangzhou Triennial

April 2006

While the First Guangzhou Triennial, in 2002, provided viewers with a sweeping overview of creative output by the so-called first generation of China’s avant-garde artists, the second is an attempt to reconfigure the relationship between the… READ ON

IN PRINT April 2006 [TOC]

Li Songsong

April 2005

If certain photographs are the basis for collective memory, can effacing these images free us from the grasp of history? Li Songsong’s exhibition “Works: 2001–2004” charted his recent evolution as he circles around this central question. Born… READ ON

IN PRINT April 2005 [TOC]