David Velasco

Susan Philipsz

June 2008

Many artists who use appropriation do so as a strategy for ironic commentary, parody, or critical reflection. Susan Philipsz is not among them. The reason has to do with her medium as much as her attitude: The forty-three-year-old Scottish … READ ON

IN PRINT Summer 2008 [TOC]

David Altmejd

May 2008

Reportedly, American men are on average three inches taller and fifty pounds heavier today than they were one hundred years ago. In roughly the same amount of time, the average Dutchman has grown seven inches. Our anthropometric history might… READ ON


Bridge to Brooklyn

David Velasco previews the Brooklyn international Film Festival

May 2008

PERHAPS YOU'RE a habitué of the Angelika, Sunshine, and Anthology who has grown tired of padding amid the tourists in downtown Manhattan. Maybe you’re a jet-set festival whore who’s already hit Sundance, Tribeca, and Cannes, and you’re yearning… READ ON


Space Oddity

The Fifty-fifth Carnegie International


“Are we alone in the universe? Do aliens exist? Or are we, ourselves, the strangers in our own worlds?” Sounding a bit like the promotional spiel for a sci-fi convention, the tagline for the Fifty-fifth Carnegie International—which curator … READ ON


Marc Swanson

May 2008

Marc Swanson is not a colorist. Like his contemporary Terence Koh, Swanson prefers the absoluteness of white and black when crafting his sylvan-themed sculptures and strange mixed-media panels. When he does dabble with nonabsolutes, he does… READ ON

IN PRINT May 2008 [TOC]

Show and Tell

The Armory Show satellite fairs

March 2008 NEW YORK

Thursday morning, on the elevator ride up to the eleventh floor of midtown’s Merchandise Mart tower for the preview of Volta NY, one prominent art dealer offered her appraisal of Pulse, another of the nine satellite fairs orbiting this year’s… READ ON


Katy Grannan

March 2008

The striking images comprising Katy Grannan’s latest body of photographs—which find her exploring the foggy shores and nondescript interiors of the Bay Area, where she has lived since 2004—constitute her most fully realized work to date. In… READ ON

IN PRINT March 2008 [TOC]

Nayland Blake

February 2008

Nayland Blake makes a virtue of inconsistency. His work is rocky, tumultuous, uneven; it operates according to fitful, perverse logics. Still, some consistencies (or, perhaps, themes) can be found in this, Blake’s eighth solo exhibition at … READ ON


Eric Anglès and Matt Sheridan Smith

February 2008

By chance, my initial visit to Eric Anglès and Matt Sheridan Smith’s combined solo debuts at Cohan and Leslie was on a Wednesday. Ordinarily, perhaps, this would be an irrelevant detail, but here my timing meant that I was present for the … READ ON

IN PRINT February 2008 [TOC]

West Side Story

Art LA

January 2008 LOS ANGELES

There was something uneasy in the Los Angeles air last Saturday afternoon, some unnatural stillness, some tension. But it was not the Santa Ana conspiring to nettle moods, merely an unusual spell of glumly persistent rain. Despite the weather… READ ON