David Velasco

Jay-Z and Marina Abramović in Picasso Baby, 2013

July 2013

Jay-Z and Marina Abramović in Picasso Baby.… READ ON


1000 WORDS: ART CLUB 2000

February 2013

IN THE YEAR 1993 you were about twenty years lighter, and everything was that much cooler. People were weirder and partied more (and better). We all stayed out a little bit later. Which is surely why that year got picked up as the ostensible… READ ON

IN PRINT February 2013 [TOC]

Echo Park

David Velasco on the Merce Cunningham Park Avenue Armory Event box set

December 2012

ONE OF THE BEST FILMS OF 2012 was not released in theaters or shown at any festivals or streamed on Netflix or anywhere really but is only available on DVD through a small San Francisco–based nonprofit art-film distributor. The Park Avenue … READ ON


Lucinda Childs

Lucinda Childs talks about her work with Judson Dance Theater

December 2012

The dancer and choreographer Lucinda Childs is one of the constitutive members of the group that came to be known as Judson Dance Theater in the early 1960s. Her extensive body of work as a choreographer includes such celebrated pieces as … READ ON


Collins Calling

The 11th Art Basel Miami Beach

December 2012 MIAMI

I HATE MIAMI. DON’T YOU? Death and doom beneath the surface, tugging at all the smiles desperate for a camera. Bodies working hard to keep up with their implants. Implants working hard to keep up with other people’s implants. Everyone riffing… READ ON


David Velasco

December 2012

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 19. A conversation in the Donald B. and Catherine C. Marron Atrium at the Museum of Modern Art in New York during the first week of “Some sweet day,” a three-week-long performance series featuring six choreographers. The … READ ON

IN PRINT December 2012 [TOC]

Ralph Lemon

Ralph Lemon talks about “Some sweet day” at the Museum of Modern Art

October 2012

Ralph Lemon has never been about just one thing. A celebrated dancer, choreographer, writer, and visual artist, Lemon turns toward the curatorial in his latest endeavor, “Some sweet day,” which stands to be a significant touchstone in developing… READ ON


Tate Tanks

Stuart Comer and Catherine Wood talk about the Tate Tanks

October 2012

LIVE ART IS HERE TO STAY. On July 18, 2012, Tate Modern launched the Tanks, a subterranean group of cylindrical chambers and other spaces that constitute the first phase in a dramatic expansion of the museum’s building by Herzog & de Meuron.… READ ON


“XTRAVAGANZA: Staging Leigh Bowery”

October 2012

Curated by Angela Stief Like Jesus, Leigh Bowery left this morbid world at age thirty-three. Hardly a saint, however, Bowery was a complicated man: muse to Lucian Freud, cobelligerent of Michael Clark and Charles Atlas, thorn to straight … READ ON


Poet’s Problem

The 30th São Paulo Bienal

September 2012 SÃO PAULO

“IT IS NOT THE CITY that needs the biennial but the biennial that needs the city,” explained Luis Pérez-Oramas, the MoMA-trained chief curator of the Thirtieth São Paulo Bienal. “Unlike Venice or Documenta, we work in a very complex place.”… READ ON