Davina Lee

David Diao

Ullens Center for Contemporary Art 尤伦斯当代艺术中心

October 2015

There is a subtle difference between the English and Chinese titles of the UCCA survey of David Diao’s work. The latter contains the additional word “retrospective,” and the same characters feature in Diao’s painting Retrospective (in Chinese),… READ ON


“Mapping Asia”

Asia Art Archive

July 2014

The exhibition “Mapping Asia” is a unique response to one of the most frequently posed questions at Hong Kong’s Asia Art Archive: How is “Asia” defined? “Mapping Asia” takes up the conundrum from diverse vantage points, from artworks, … READ ON


Billy Childish

Lehmann Maupin | Hong Kong

April 2014

Billy Childish’s latest solo exhibition, “Edge of the Forest,” reinstates the instinctive, as opposed to the overtly intellectual, relationship between work and viewer. The six intensely personal paintings on view recalibrate the experience… READ ON