Dawn Chan

Byron Kim

James Cohan Gallery | Lower East Side

January 2017

Mulling over his American contemporaries and their shared reach for the sublime, Barnett Newman once wrote: “Instead of making cathedrals out of Christ, man, or ‘life,’ we are making it out of ourselves, out of our own feelings.” Years later,… READ ON


“Aki Sasamoto: Delicate Cycle”

September 2016

Curated by Ruba Katrib Aki Sasamoto’s performances exist in a realm somewhere between Fluxus events, TED talks, and IKEA hacks. A delight in the physics of cause and effect seemingly propels the artist’s interactions within a landscape of … READ ON


11th Gwangju Biennale: “The Eighth Climate (What Does Art Do?)”

September 2016

Curated by Maria Lind “A place outside all places, outside of where.” This was, according to French philosopher and Islamic scholar Henry Corbin, the eighth climate—a realm first described by Persian theosophist Shahab al-Din al-Suhrawardi … READ ON


Anna and Bernhard Blume

Peter Freeman, Inc.

July 2016

If Hitchcock could have hired El Lissitzky as a set designer and cast Pee-wee Herman as a lead, the results might have looked a lot like Anna & Bernhard Blume’s oeuvre. In “Scenes from a Photo-Novel”—the couple’s first solo show in New York… READ ON


Land of Plenty

The 30th Reykjavik Arts Festival


WHEN IT COMES TO THE ARTS, Iceland has somehow figured out how to consistently punch above its weight. It may only have 323,000 residents. (Manhattan hasn’t been so small since 1820.) But it’s a country that, last year, managed to capture … READ ON




June 2016

IS IT POSSIBLE to be othered across time? For almost a century already, the myth of an Asian-inflected future has infiltrated imaginations worldwide. Vivid tableaux of the continent’s cities in hyperdrive, fueled by tech-enabled consumerism,… READ ON

IN PRINT Summer 2016 [TOC]

John Gerrard

May 2016

Curated by Philip Tinari and Guo Xi “I photograph to find out what something will look like photographed,” Garry Winogrand once remarked. What sort of analogy results, and what are its limits, if photography is replaced with 3-D modeling in… READ ON


Jason Rohrer

Jason Rohrer speaks about his exhibition at Wellesley College

March 2016

The programmer and designer Jason Rohrer—whose video game Passage, 2007, was acquired by the Museum of Modern Art in 2012—recently became the subject of the first-ever museum retrospective for a video game creator. The exhibition is on view… READ ON


The Spanish Main

The 35th ARCO fair in Madrid

March 2016 MADRID

IT RAINED IN MADRID over the weekend as ARCO—the world’s best-attended art fair—revved its gears for the thirty-fifth time. Further down corridors of the sprawling Feria del Madrid, staid suits gathered for “an annual meeting for insurance … READ ON


Rachel Rossin

January 2016

Themes from Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass loom large throughout William Gibson’s 2003 novel Pattern Recognition, which characterizes an American protagonist’s trip to the UK as a disorienting encounter with a “mirror-world.” But… READ ON

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