Debora Kuan

Luke Stettner

September 2011

At first glance, Luke Stettner’s first solo show in New York City—comprising nested plates, a white enamel grid with individually lacerated foam rectangles, framed sheets of paper—appears deliberately underwhelming. But deeper inspection … READ ON


Emmet Gowin

Emmet Gowin talks about his exhibition at the Princeton University Art Museum

September 2009

Emmet Gowin is known for his compelling photographs of landscapes altered by nuclear testing, as well as his recent details of nature at its smallest scales. To mark his retirement from Princeton, the exhibition “Emmet Gowin: A Collective … READ ON


“Body Memory”

December 2008

“Body Memory” gathers together contemporary works—most of them from the museum’s permanent collection—that deploy the human body as either subject or material. As one might expect, many of the pieces in the exhibition examine issues of power… READ ON


Mark Bradford

February 2008

Los Angeles–based artist Mark Bradford, a former hairdresser who is perhaps best known for employing end papers and other materials found in hair salons in his collages, continues to investigate the reaches of urban abstraction in “Nobody … READ ON


Pieter Hugo

December 2007

Pieter Hugo’s first solo photography exhibition in New York, “The Hyena and Other Men,” focuses on two groups of considerably obscure individuals: Nigerian animal charmers and Ghanaian honey collectors. The result is a series of deeply … READ ON


Do Ho Suh

November 2007

In an age of purposefully ugly “bad art,” Do Ho Suh’s current exhibition may appear so elegant as to be considered reactionary. It is a testament to Suh’s talent, then, that he accomplishes not only beauty but also allegory—arguably one of … READ ON


Laura Letinsky

October 2007

R. B. Kitaj once wrote, in a foreword to a book of Lee Friedlander’s work, “The religion of photography rather insists on remembrance.” Nowhere does that notion seem more resonant than in Laura Letinsky’s luxuriously lit still lifes, in which… READ ON


Tobias Putrih

October 2007

This exhibition is the most recent of Tobias Putrih’s ambitious explorations of quasi-scientific experiments and the intersections of architecture and sculpture; this time, he takes as his springboard Yona Friedman’s pioneering 1975 treatise… READ ON


Kohei Yoshiyuki

September 2007

The last time Kohei Yoshiyuki’s photographic series “The Park” was exhibited, nearly thirty years ago, the images were blown up to life-size, the gallery lights were shut off, and viewers were provided flashlights. It was the perfect metaphor… READ ON